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Wedding Card Theme

Why do you need an Invitation card theme? Along with the different color themes that we discussed, the wedding themes are in a way related, but are symbolic in their representation. Themes play an important part in customized invites. Different themes are considered to make the customized invitations unique matching the tastes of the couples and their families. Let us see some of the prominent themes used for customized invitations.

Kalamkari Wedding Card Theme: Kalamkari design draws inspiration from the tree of life, paisley, floral intricate designs, peacock etc. these represent glory and grandeur. It will also give a vibe of vintage look and traditional.

Kalamkari colors mostly involve earthy and elegant tones like red, blue, brown, mustard and algae green. It can be used in envelopes, design elements like floral, paisley, peacock etc. and sometimes even in your wedding invite sleeves

Kalamkari themed invites

Madhubani Invitation Card Theme: Madhubani is a religious painting that takes inspiration from nature and Ramayana.This theme is perfect for people who are seeking an ethnic Indian theme with a contemporary twist- which brings out rich cultural heritage into beautiful designs.

Peacock Theme Wedding Card: Peacock theme is the design of prosperity and royalty. The popularity of peacock motifs in the modern times can be attributed to the fact that it makes for a beautiful graphic image too.

Paisley and ornate pattern theme: Traditional motifs like Paisley and Indian ornate patterns, not only makes the card look traditional, but it also makes the card look gorgeous along with an aspiring pattern very ethnic. This pattern with its colors gives an energizing vibe to the entire wedding.

Spiritual Emblems as part of Wedding Card Theme: These are the Spiritual elements like Omkar, Temple bell, Islamic Symbols, Christian cross, etc that gives the wedding invitation a touch of divinity.

Mandala Wedding Invitation Theme: Mandalas designs are those designs which are ethnic and add a traditional touch with their elaborate display. The vibrant colors and the traditional designs will capture the minds on whose hands these invitations will lie.

Pastels with Royal Wedding Card Theme: Pastel is the trend of the modern times. Pastel is the sign that elevates the design. Pastel when combined with royal will give rice to a premium blend and a lovely design.

Mandala invites

Shrinathji with Pichwai : Finest of all design elements and themes, the journey which explores design and story behind nathdwara and scours through Pichwai for the significant blend behind every element which is enriching. Use the design elements that have a strong symbolic reference to Shrinathji for the pichwai wedding card theme.

Other Invitation Themes: Some of the other invitation themes that are considered frequently are bollywood theme, sports and travel wedding card themes. There are people who love retro and swear by it; the retro theme invitation cards are meant for those retro theme lovers.

We have multiple designs and color combinations for your wedding invitation theme. We also have many options for wedding card themes to choose in your multicolor wedding card.

Every wedding invitation theme can also be presented differently by way of a variety of colors to choose based on your wedding theme and story. Connect with us, visit our store to get a first hand look at our invitation themes collection before you choose your wedding invitation with a unique theme from us.

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A wedding invitation, we believe, has to be unique to that couple that is getting married. And, we are experts at creating one of a kind wedding cards, because we believe each one of us is unique and deserve to display it.

This is especially true with wedding cards, since a wedding happens only once in a lifetime, well mostly. The wedding card is the first instrument that your guests lay their hands and eyes on. Hence, it makes absolute sense to pay much attention to the build of your wedding invitation; the colours, the design, the little enhancements, to come up with a brilliant wedding card, which announces your name, distinctly.

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We are primely located at Mandaveli, Chennai. Our showroom is in two levels and has an extensive collection. Once you have arrived, our wedding cards specialist will take you on a tour of the collection, the multiple varieties that we have in the unique wedding store in Chennai.

A personal visit is always the best thing to do, when you want to choose the best wedding card for your son’s or daughter’s wedding. Looking at them and handling them personally, would give you the sense of the invitations that a video call may not.

Did you know that we even have perfumed wedding invitations? Yeah, that’s right. The challenge lies in choosing your wedding cards. We do have an almost unlimited collection, under various price bands, for you to choose from.

There are plain templates for your wedding invitation, which could be used as it is, or if you wish, we can customize them, enhance them in whichever way you wish. We have a variety of options to enhance and beautify your invitation effectively.

This will make it distinct and also make you feel special.

What are the enhancements possible on your wedding invitation? Well, you must have heard about gold and silver foiling, embossed text content, debossed text, graphics and all. Those are your options that beautify.

You also have the option of choosing the laser cut designs, which may be improved using tassels and other attractions. How about engraving your at the centre of your wedding invitation cover?

These are some of the possibilities to improvise your invite.

And, there are scroll invitations, which can also be similarly improvised.

How about an acrylic wedding card or a laser cut wedding card design or a cardboard wedding card, you name it, we have it.

If you wish, you can also choose a wedding theme, which will follow you right from your invite to your wedding decoration, wedding costumes and all.

Lotus theme, Radha Krsna themed invite and other colour based themes are possible for your wedding card.

Most importantly, we deliver worldover. So, even if you are a resident of UK, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, or anywhere else, we service you with our unique and never seen before wedding cards from Chennai, India.

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