Spiritual gifts in Chennai

You may be looking for spiritual gifts in Chennai, as a return gift to guests, for your wedding or reception celebrations.

That is a good thing, as a lot of us develop a liking to spiritual gifts or spiritual gift items. We either like to give them away, in the form of jewellery or other best gifts that are available in the market.

Look up to us for the best gift ideas. Religious gifts or gifts related to spirituality come in many shapes, sizes and material. And, to give away a religious giveaway is good, considering that they will not be easily discarded and the memories stay on for a long time.

Further, each one of us may be fond of spiritual gifts. It need not necessarily be religious or attributed to one religion.

Spiritual gifts by religion

Religion is close to most of our hearts and we have a variety of items, if it were hindu wedding religious gifts, like miniature idols, brass lamps or other. Also, it could be muslim wedding religious gifts like holy kaaba miniatures, kaaba door miniatures, Islamic holy text or religious numbers, engravings etc.

Christian wedding gifts that are of the spiritual kind could be miniatures of infant Jesus, virgin Mary, St.Joseph and other saints, interesting gift choices. Or it could be the holy Bible, devotional CDs etc. Connect with us for other wedding gift ideas from other faiths, at our wedding spiritual gifts store in Chennai.

If you are the non-religious type, try out the crystal garlands or spiritual crystal necklace made out of crystal beads, which are among the popular choices. Since, crystals are religion neutral they are appreciated by all.

We do have a a good collection of spiritual gifts, which can also be personalized to your liking. Additionally, all our spiritual gifts collection can be personalized to your preferences.

Many such thank you gifts or return gifts ideas related to spirituality or with a spiritual flavour, are available at our gift store in Chennai. These can be given with an attached thank you note for surprising your guests.

Spiritual return gifts

Spiritual gifts, or in other terms religious return gifts will be a blessing of devotion. Truly, the choice of a spiritual return gift differs for each community. And, of course, these gifts may be small pocket religious books, sacred symbols, miniature religious idols or other, with much intrinsic value.

As far as Indian weddings are concerned, religious gifts mainly fall under these categories, such as Hindu return gift, Muslim return gift and Christian return gift and return gifts of other faiths.

Hindu return gifts:

Miniature religious idols are frequently sought out as return gifts for their auspicious nature. These may be gorgeously-designed idols of Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna & Radha to other such spiritual ideas. Mostly, a return gift is a show of love and care; an acknowledgement of heavenly blessings.

One of the most popular hindu spiritual gift is the ganesha idol; such as a small ganesha idol for car, seated on the car’s dashboard.

Another popular deity is Goddess Lakshmi. These are ideal idols for gifting.

They also come in expensive material, such as silver or brass; Ganesha idol in silver is a worthy spiritual gift for your guests. A brass Lakshmi idol is not an unpopular gift.

Apart from miniature idols, there are many other products like the Kumkum container, Brass Diyas or lamps and many more that come under this category.

Muslim return gifts:

Wedding is a sacred ceremony in Islam. Islam says honoring the guests is tied to the faith of a true believer. So, what is the best way to honor the guests who come to the wedding? Undoubtedly, the best way is to give them something with love; something they will remember. A small return gift may very well be a token of love.

In muslim weddings the return gifts given to the guests varies depending on the region and ethnic background. Based on this, some of the Muslim return gifts are traditional muslim sweet boxes, pocket holy scriptures, religious show pieces like Holy Kaaba miniatures, Kaaba door miniature, Gods name engraved on stones and much more. Some Muslim return gifts are general like non religious floral showpieces, small storage boxes, etc.,

Christian spiritual gifts:

Christians believe that marriage is a gift from God. Marriage is the public declaration of love and commitment. They ensure that marriage which is done in the church is graced by the friends, relatives and guests around.

So, it would be a union of joy to accept grace and blessings from the guests and return them something unique, a memorable spiritual gift for that matter which is a fantastic idea by itself. However, broadly speaking Christian return gifts include a small replica of Infant Jesus, Virgin Mary, St. Joseph. It could be any other saint, the Holy family, magnetic Bible verses, devotional songs CDs and so on.


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