Why wedding return gifts are important is something people do not give much thought; but, when we reflect, it becomes clear that return gifts for not just wedding, but any Indian function, be it a golden jubilee, 50th wedding anniversary, a sangeet for ladies, make an impact or can be impactful, in our guests remembering us and the occasion for a long time.

An all inclusive return gift store in Chennai was not available till recently. Anantmaya has bridged that gap with personalised wedding return gifts and invitations that can be shipped all over India.

When we conduct a wedding, we wish it to be memorable. We make it so in various ways. We spend a bomb on decor, lesser on food and probably much lesser on return gifts that we share as the guests leave after the function.

The traditional standard return gift set is the tambula/tambulam bag with the betel leaves and a coconut or some fruit with some trinkets for the guests.

But, for the most important wedding guests, we would prefer some unique return gifts; return gifts in silver; reusable return gift boxes with dry fruits. There are hundreds of ideas as far as wedding return gift ideas are concerned.

So, there are two parts to this; the standard return gift for the general guests and special and unique return gifts for the close family and friends.

There is always a budget for any return gift. Based on the number of guests, the cost per piece of return gift is determined. If the host has a specific budget such as return gifts for wedding below 500 or 200 or 100, there are unique gifts that could match the budget.

On the other hand, there are luxurious, expensive return gifts, eco-friendly options for the gift hampers; we can order these online, but we will not know the quality and it might be difficult to get them exchanged.

So, a live wedding store in Chennai like Anantmaya becomes the most likely choice for your wedding return gifts that we have unlimited return gift ideas too. Whether yours is a south indian wedding or a north indian wedding, jain, punjabi, christian wedding or muslim wedding, we have a unique collection to satisfy your needs. Handmade small return gifts, be it for the guests or for the special guests, we are here to support you in choosing the right return gifts for your guests.

Tiny silver Ganesha, silver pooja set, kumkum boxes, silver figurines, silver lamps, silver idols, silver animal figures, glass trays, bowls make best return gifts in Chennai or Mumbai for memorabilia, which would ensure that your wedding day is firmly etched in the memory of your guests as they remember it many years after your wedding.

Surprise Return Gifts
Why not surprise your guests with premium gift boxes. Pure silver, white metal, and gold-plated boxes ramp up the excitement and add that distinctive bit to your gifts making the wedding memorable forever.

Beautiful handcrafted and ornamented boxes made of sandalwood or precious metals like gold, silver, etc will be a truly royal delight. A bit of gem stones studded to the boxes will indeed make it a true valuable gift.

Some people prefer gifting precious jewels and ornaments. Well! That may be a level of the royal gesture though.

Valuable gifts are not only limited to boxes and jewels but these gifts encompass a wide variety of other products too like exclusive costly watches, costly pens and much more. It is the immense cost and value added to the product that makes such gifts valuable wedding return gifts.

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