Telugu Wedding Rituals


When a wedding is looming on the horizon, the rush for the preparations start in right earnest.

The adrenalin rush becomes more and more pronounced, especially if the wedding is the first in the family.

So, it becomes apparent that proper planning is necessary for a smooth and peaceful wedding, amongst the noise and celebrations.

The main wedding ritual items or pelli vasthuvulu gain importance in the telugu wedding, since the ritual items cannot be sourced at the last moment. So, it pays to pay attention and get them before hand and ready when the priest asks for them.

The following items play an important part in any telugu wedding; these are the pelli vasthuvulu that cannot be done without.

The Rolu Rokali Banda, Jalleda for Mangala Snanam or the mangala snanam set, Kobbari Kudakalu, deigner Kobbari Bondam, simple or designer Addutera or Terasela, enhanced designer or simple Pelli Butta and Pelli Kundalu are some of the items used in the wedding rituals.

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