This pastel coloured beauty of a ring platter has an off white coloured rustled silk for its base. It’s base is circular with the fringes outlined with beautiful high quality synthetic roses and other flowers in various pastel colours, interspersed with intricately woven leaves in perfect geometry.

The backdrop is again a circular decorative similar to the base with only the flowers and tiny florets and leaves in attendance. From the centre is hanging a swing, with a golden border and holding two tiny boxes to contain the engagement rings. This completes another unique engagement ring platter for you to consider.

All our engagement ring platters are unique and handmade to ensure quality finish. They undergo quality checks at many levels to ensure quality at all levels of production.

Most engagement ring trays are available ready stock. Whatever models you require can be made to order at short notice.

These customized engagement ring platters are available online here at the Anantmaya website, as well as at our showroom at Mandaveli, at RK Mutt road.

Our engagement or wedding ring platters are available for shipping, wherever you are. This ring ceremony platters decorated beautifully with multi coloured roses are definitely to be considered for your event.