Simple Engagement Ring Tray

You are looking for a simple engagement ring tray, a simple yet memorable ring tray. What better a place to search for it than Anantmaya? A decorative engagement tray that looks simple, yet elegant is what is on order.

What is on display here is an elementary design; a heart shaped floral design with an outflowing branch of leaves and buds, symbolizing inception and a new beginning.

Our engagement ring trays follow a pattern in their design; the decorative engagement tray, for example, sends a positive message by its design.

When we create a ring tray for you, we try and align it with the key terms related to weddings and marriages, love, togetherness, happiness, a new beginning are some emotions that come into your minds, when you look at our engagement ring tray collection.

Creative Engagement Ring Tray

A ring tray can be elementary, yet creative to catch the imagination of the viewer. Since, an engagement is going to be an exclusive, one of a kind moment in everyone’s life, we find it important to focus on the presentability of every engagement ring tray that comes out of our production line.

Yours could be a simple tray made out of silver or ever silver or even other precious or semi precious metals.

So, the idea is to keep it simple and easy that there are not much fancy and expensive decorations in the engagement ring tray.

But when you see, in these modern times, when everything else is so rich and flashy, your engagement ring tray cannot be too simple.

The idea is to attract the attention of your guests. So, we should be have it decorated a bit. And, we will have some uncomplicated yet nice decorations included in the simple engagement ring tray.

We have many many different designs at our showroom at RK Mutt road. And you can also find the different engagement ring trays online from our website and you can pick and choose the ring platter of your liking.

If you think they will be expensive, sure they cost a wee bit more. but, we have varieties. And your ring platters also come in various sizes. You can pick and choose your ring platter, but something too simple, is not what we would recommend as it would not have some element of surprise to qualify.

This one is a simple one. For more options you can check out our various other options for ring trays, or browse our website.

Kasi Yatra Set

What is it that you wish for? Is it a Kasi yatra set made of red Varanasi silk or do you want a purple Varanasi silk Kasi yatra set or pink Varanasi silk Kasi yatra set?

Paruppu Thengai Koodu

Here’s a simple engagement platter you can order online. Are you also looking for paruppu thengai koodu? Get all your accessories for your wedding at one of the largest wedding showroom in Chennai.

Other wedding products

We also have other products such as aarthi plate, wedding cards such as Christian wedding cards and the now popular digital wedding invitation cards. Did you hear about box invitation cards, laser cut wedding cards, gold foiled invitations, scroll invitations? We have these and more readily available for you.

We would recommend a visit our grand wedding accessories showroom at RK Mutt road and see first hand the options available and get yourself a nice, uncomplicated simple engagement ring tray. Or would you like one to be customized for you?