We want to create engagement ring platters in new designs; as we try to avoid repetitions in design and colour themes. This wooden beauty is a result of these resolutions. The wooden engagement ring platter looks elegant and simple at the same time. We have heard that the woods have a story to tell. And so, eloquently it is related to time. This also adds an aura of mystery to wooden products.

Here we have, a splendid engagement ring platter, which attracts us to it, in more ways than one. The ridged base of this pretty platter is rugged and rustic looking at the same time. The dark maroon colours of velvet on the engagement ring boxes add to the mystery. The boxes themselves are bordered with silver and gold laces at the top half and bottom half, while at the centre there lies an adornment of etched stones to reflect light.

While the backdrop is decorated with roses, ferns and other florals, while the hanging below shouts out the slogan “together forever” to complete the romantic tale.

Most of our engagement ring platters are usually available for immediate purchase. But, in case the models you choose isn’t available, it can be made available at short notice.

These customized ring platters for engagement or wedding are available at the Anantmaya website online. If you are in Chennai, you may as well visit our showroom at RK Mutt road, Mandaveli.

We ship all our products worldwide and this includes your favourite engagement ring platter too. This wooden ring ceremony platter aesthetically designed and decorated is clearly a great choice for your engagement.