E-Invite for Wedding

e-invite for wedding

Ewedding card or wedding einvitations have long become the in thing, due to the abundant use of communication platforms like Whatsapp, Telegram and others.

It is quite easy to share your e wedding cards in a group or share them personally.

Wedding e cards are of different types. If you want a simple wedding einvitation, yours could be a single page wedding e invite, designed in the Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator software or even in certain mobile apps meant for wedding invitation ecard design.

The advantage of simple e wedding cards are that they are easy to create and distribute, due to their single page content and smaller file size.

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Behind every wedding tale there a thousand little anecdotes of love, laughter, sacrifice and a million emotions. Fortunate are the couples who are able to create an artistic memorabilia and not just an invite; which most accurately represents their journey until their D-day.


Alternately, you could go for an animated e invite for wedding. Even for an animated e invite, there are various options that are available.

Your einvite could be a simple, single page ecard design, with animated elements. There are weddings that happen over many days.

In these cases, a simple one page animated e cards for wedding may not be sufficient. For scenarios such as these, we need multiple page e wedding cards, with beautiful transitions separating each slide, accompanied by matching, preferably instruemental music.

Lilting tunes may be more in line with the einvite content. In India, the choice of music is for such animated e invite card would be some auspicious carnatic music or other auspicious kind of music special to their region.

The process of designing an invitation for your wedding or engagement starts much early; a long time before your wedding.

This is the right time to get creative. We should remember that people may form different opinions about us as they see our wedding or engagement evite. The idea is to overawe them with our uniquely designed e cards for wedding.

We can go on and on as we discuss our simple wedding e card. It is not just another card. Your card can send a message about you, your personality, your family, the venue and other factors.

So, even though it may be a simple wedding e invitation, there is a lot of design elements that are involved; like the border, the figure of the deity or the symbol of the religion that you belong to, the fonts that you use for the bride’s and the groom’s names, their parents, the invite content and most importantly, the animations and transitions that will be used for your e invitation.

As important the animations are, so the transitions from one slide to another becomes very important. There are many base templates from which you could develop our e wedding cards and make them unique and in our style.

Or, you could go for unique e wedding cards, with an altogether new design, new style, that portrays your style to your audience.

Whatever it may be, your eweding card has to be special for it to be remembered for its uniqueness. So, wedding einvitations, even though they may be seen only for a short span of time, it becomes important to focus on the content and style for your guests.

Paying attention to grammar and spelling is of utmost importance for your e wedding card to come out perfectly. So, go ahead, write out your ideas for your wedding ecard, list them out, discuss with your near and dear ones about how it has to be presented.

Take this up with a good e wedding cards vendor who can deliver your wedding e card in style and in time for you to share them with your invitees.

Choosing the right vendor, who has the expertise to design different cards and who has many choices to offer, be it for a church wedding and reception, nikkah and dawat e walima card, a tambrahm wedding or a sikh wedding card is important.

So, start early and get ready your e wedding cards in style.

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