Somebody like you is looking for a simple engagement ring tray. A simple engagement ring tray could be a simple tray made out of silver or ever silver or even other precious or semi precious metal.

So, the idea is to keep it simple and easy that there are not much decorations in the engagement ring tray.

But when you see, in thee modern times, when everything else is so rich and flashy, this engagement ring tray should not be so simple.

It doesn’t make any sense. So, we should at least have some decorations included in the simple engagement ring tray.

We have many different designs at our showroom at RK Mutt road. And you can also find the different engagement ring trays online from our website and you can pick and choose the ring tray of your liking.

If you think they will be expensive, sure they cost a wee bit more. They also come in various sizes. You can pick and choose your ring platter, but a simple engagement ring tray, is not what we would recommend as it would not have some element of surprise to qualify.

Please browse our website, or even better visit our showroom and get yourself a nice simple ring for your engagement.