Packaging plays an important role in weddings. Right from the Trousseau packages extending to the wedding Hampers and return gifts, packaging plays a crucial part. Packaging involves different varieties like boxes, baskets and trays.

With the change in trend and fashions, packaging has come under the influence of the innovative designs. The growing trend for saving our ecosystem has brought in innovative ideas to use natural products like the recycled board, Jute and bamboo baskets mainly serving the ideas of the eco drive. 

Let’s look at some of the types of boxes used in weddings.

 1.Jute Boxes

For packing plastic can be replaced with jute.  They really appeal to the taste of millennial brides.  The wooden look and feel of the boxes enrich the aesthetic appeal too.  

2.Bamboo Boxes

A bamboo gift box instead of plastic will be more ethnic enriched with a classy and antique touch. These types of small  boxes can be used for chocolates, dry fruits & candies and cookies.

3.Origami Boxes

How about gifting something in a box that is made with origami design that brings one’s creativity to life. A gift packed in the shape of an origami would make one’s creativity come to life. This is a fantastic idea that reduces the cost at the same time making the box look krafty.

4.Cloth wrap Packaging

Wrapping the gift with clothes of bright colour and vibrant designs will give the taste of authentic desi design.

5.Paper Boxes

Hand painted paper boxes wrapped with canvas, decorated with beautiful paintings on them will be really awesome for the packaging of the gifts.This packing will be just as delightful as what is wrapped inside.

6.Saree  Boxes

A beautiful decorative tray covered with a nice colour of velvet will be a suffice for a good packing design of a saree.  A silver and golden embroidered box with a transparent sheet can enhance the look.   A few loose faux pearls or colourful stones strewn inside the box would make it more premium and elegant.

7.Chocolate Boxes

Good quality art paper boxes, cardboard special paper boxes can be used to wrap chocolates because the quality and the great standard, these boxes possess help the chocolates to retain the original properties and taste.  Being pocket friendly is the good thing that adds value.

8.Wooden Boxes

To meet the diverse requirements of our valuable clients we offer exquisite wooden Boxes.  These boxes are made with MDF, Mango Wood and Sheesham Wood with various kinds of polishing. The great thing about wooden boxes is that it gives the richness of the antique feeling.

9.Designer Gift Boxes 

These are the boxes which are used for packing gifts and it gives the first impression about gifts and the feelings bestowed upon them.  The designer gift boxes are crafted exclusively for every special event or occasion as per the requirements.These boxes come in a variety of styles and shapes such as square, triangle, rectangular and hexagonal. The good thing is that these boxes can be customised based on the specific requirement of the individual.   These boxes are artistically decorated with mirror and stone work.  These designer gift boxes are used for a wide variety of purposes like enhancing the storage of neck ties, scarves, candles, toys, jewelry and holding everything from chocolates and nuts. These gift boxes make perfect for presenting jewelry, party favor boxes, and candy boxes which are perfect for

10.Sweet Gift Boxes

Artistic customized sweet boxes are available in various shapes and sizes to give the invitees.  These boxes will leave an everlasting memory of your wedding.

11.Designer Wooden Trays & Baskets

Fruits presented in a wooden tray or basket look aesthetically appealing and by decorating the tray/basket with some petals and leaves will enhance the beauty of the packing.  These items can be used for multipurpose utility based on the size and shape.  The gifted articles will remain secure and presentable with fine artistic embossed work giving it a high visual appeal fitting for high value  gifting purpose.


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