We believe what you’re meaning by homemade engagement ring tray is that you wanted your engagement ring tray to be unique, and the materials used for the ring tray could or would also be unique in your point of view.

We sure have many such designs. We have experts in handicrafts who create various designs for us in already made plates.

Eco friendly material are also used in making engagement ring trays, such as bamboo, cane, palm leaves, coconut leaves and coconut fronds, and other such material that are eco friendly and also long lasting.

So these are things that we make use of for the engagement ring trays can also be stored away in safety and not discarded.

They also have the ability to stay fresh for a long time. So it can also be being used for a certain other auspicious occasions

They have a long shelf life.

You may visit us online for your engagement ring platter, or better still, walk in to our showroom to catch a glimpse of all our offerings for the modern wedding and pick your choice for your engagement or wedding, whatever the case may be.

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