As we all know, the engagement is one of the probably the second most important event, ahead of the wedding. So, now these engagement ring trays are usually not simple.

They are, to a certain extent, decorated well, may be with the use of velvet cloth, and some fancy holders, with or without color. They could also be designed elaborately for keepsakes.

So, we have engagement ring plate decoration, which is the plate, used to keep the engagement rings, ahead of the engagement ceremony itself, when they are carried into the hall, in a grand manner and are placed along other seervarisai items, the offerings that are given to each family by the other family. This is an elaborate collection of jewelry, flowers, fruits, all of these nicely packed and brought on to the stage by close friends and relations.

The engagement ring platters could be handmade decoration plates, decorated with flowers and other decorative elements, like colour paint, enamel, precious and semi precious stones.

So, there are many ring platter designs, floral elements, or look painted with different designs, or with enamel coating.

Since the engagement ring plates are part of the collection and all eyes will be focussed on them, it is necessary that they look grand and feel grand for the audience.

For this reason, the engagement ring decorated plate is not closed on top and plates made of acrylic are transparent, the designs are open and people can see right through.

So these decorative plates for the engagement ring is available online with us, which you can visit and order online or you can pay a visit to our showroom at RK Mutt road. It is very near the telephone exchange at Mandaveli.

Have a look at our collection and then make your decision on purchasing your engagement ring plate with decoration. We have many designs to choose from.