Yet another beautifully made ring platter suitable for your engagement or wedding. This is a one of kind engagement platter, which is made up to resemble a forest vine, with flowers all around it. For the base is a beautiful silk cloth with a bush of white and blue flowers, with pine cones and attractive red roses. In front of the circular structure, stands two boxes with creepers that will host the engagement rings. The borders of the structure is beautified with creepers that hold on to the base border. Synthetic roses and other flowers in vibrant colours of red, blue and white are seen all over the ring ceremony platter, that looks sleek and stylish.

This beautiful customized decorated engagement ring tray is available ready stock at our wedding accessories showroom in Mandaveli, on RK Mutt road, Chennai.

This decorated engagement thali or tray is also available online at and can be delivered to your place. We ship all over the world. This engagement platter decorated beautifully with colourful roses and other flowers is definitely one to also adorn your showcase after your wedding.