Luxury Boxed Wedding Invitations to Wow Your Guests

luxury box invite

With a boxed wedding invitation setting the tone for the nuptials, the couple will have to carefully plan the looks of their wedding invitation.

Choosing the right wedding invitation is quite a task as there are too many options available today. And, invites in an envelope aren’t the only choice.

While there are myriad designs, textures and styles to choose from, the top favourite today continues to be the box invite. From simple, and elegant to luxurious wedding invitation boxes, there are a multitude of styles and types for you to choose.

Your box invite comes in a variety of designs, shapes, sizes and costs. If you are ready to impress your guests from the word go, box invites are the way to go. They come in different shapes and sizes and materials, with an added much-needed touch of glamour. They also ensure that your invite is well-protected in your elegant box and is delivered in safety.

Pick yours depending on your wedding theme, timelines and budget.

Luxury wedding invitations in boxes

Just like invites, the invitation boxes are available in various shapes, colors, and sizes. Find a style that suits your celebration.

Nowadays, when it comes to wedding or reception invites, luxury is a requisite by default; more so, with boxed wedding invites. We have had interesting feedback from our clients as they visit our showroom and have a look at our invites. Some of these are so good that people just can’t stop admiring them.

Our invite ideas vary from traditional to contemporary; elegant and classic to creative, but they all have their own undeniable beauty.

We can decide the designs, the invites inside and also what goes into these beautiful boxes that contain your invitations. We all know that touching the palate is touching the heart. For our recent big fat Indian wedding at the Confluence banquets and resorts, Mahabalipuram, we had curated, an exclusive dark chocolate collection, direct from Belgium. The tempting Callebaut dark chocolate came in flavours of cherry, lemon, choco and mocha. As always, these are small gestures that make a great impact on your guests.

Treats inside your boxed wedding invitation

Gone are the days when a couple sent out simple covers that just carried the invite. Of course, the quality of the paper used made an impression on the guests. Yet, with more and more people willing to experiment with their wedding cards, the simple wedding invite has now evolved into a gift box. Packed with yummy treats it is extra special for the wedding guests. So, here’s our list of the gifts you can send out with your boxed wedding invitation. Let your guests know how much you want them to be part of your celebrations.

Wedding card with Dry Fruits

This is the most favourite treat that families choose to go with their box wedding invites. Dry fruits are such an integral part of Indian celebrations that it is no surprise that most people choose dry fruits as gifts. From unique glass and metal canisters to transparent decorated potli bags, you can pack the dry fruits to go with your wedding card.


This probably is the second favourite item that people choose. But remember that it’s not the everyday packaged chocolates that people choose. If you’re going the chocolate way go for artisanal chocolates or crafted chocolates with the finest ingredients. They come in unique flavours and are sure to get your guests asking for more. With unique packaging options available you sure can get your guests to smile a lot wider when they receive your boxed wedding invitation.


Who would say no to cookies if they are custom-made? From chocolates to cream, coconut, butter and assorted, you can pick a wide variety of cookies. Just make sure that they have enough shelf life. Check with your vendor to help you pick one that will stay longer and tell them to make it freshly, when ready for dispatch.


Like cookies macaroons are also a hot favourite among some couples. However, since all edibles have a shorter shelf-life make necessary arrangements to get them fresh when your custom invites are ready to go. Cookies and macaroons can also be customised to include initials and other inscriptions., Add that if you want to personalise your edible gifts.


Health-conscious? Then, go the honey way. There’s a wide variety of healthy organic honey available today. You could choose from any of them, even Manuka if you really want to splurge. Pick unique canisters that are leak proof, to ensure that your honey stays intact.


With tea drinkers growing by the minute herbal tea is a great healthy option to choose from. Even if you don’t want to go the herbal way, source unique flavours and varieties to make it extra special. You can also add an assortment of tea bags if you’re confused about the flavours that your guests will enjoy.


Indians and spices go hand-in-hand. With our country having a wide variety of rich spices, choosing one can be difficult. But when it comes to gifting you will have to pick an assortment. Cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and other exotic ones make a great addition to a spice box.

Jam and Preserves

A fruity spread is definitely a great addition to any meal. Jam and preserves come in custom canisters, which we arrange in a fine box. This adds a bit of luxury to your boxed wedding invite. Choose an assortment of small bottles to go with your invite.

Fruit Basket

A fruit basket cannot be part of your boxed wedding invitation, for obvious reasons. You can however add a fruit basket to accompany your invite to give your guests something healthy to nibble.

Variations in Invites

Variations could include a velvet box, with the invitation inside. A metallic monogram with a wax seal on the insert flap gives it the final royal finish.

Choose your invite shape

Your boxed invitation needn’t be square or rectangular! How about a stunning invite embracing a rainbow of colours in a circular design?

Essential Oils

However, treats need not be for just the taste buds. They could be for your olfactory nerves too. Yes, these boxed invitations could include mood-changing essential oils and perfumed candles for many a feel-good moment.

Your invitation is a work of art

All said and done, your invite is a representation of yourself and your personality. The intricate designs and the level of finesse indicate that perfection is what it strives to achieve. And, as said earlier, you have aspired to create a work of art. It is a permanent source of attraction to your guests that they see your boxed wedding invitation as worthy of storing trinkets or just displaying it in their showcase.

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Behind every wedding tale there a thousand little anecdotes of love, laughter, sacrifice and a million emotions. Fortunate are the couples who are able to create an artistic memorabilia and not just luxury box invitations; a symbol that most accurately represents their journey until their D-day.

handmade invitation card

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