Pink Kasi Yatra Set


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Kasi Yatra set of 5 items – decorated wedding umbrella, stick, hand fan, book and bag

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Pink Kasi Yatra set

Pink is a feminine colour, young and innocent. It also related to love and romance, though.

As the new groom stands outside, anxious and unsure, whether to take the train to Kasi and his future as a knowledge seeker in Kasi, his pink Kasi yatra set is reminding him of the young and innocent bride, waiting for him to take her as his wife.

It is now the right time for the father of the bride to convince him now otherwise and let him stay to marry his daughter.

This pink kasi yatra set comes in bright lovely pink colour, with the customized decorated umbrella, made out of pure silk, with colourful embroidery patterns in yellow and green, with a pointed top, with gold frills, improved with zari and curved handle.

This umbrella is worthy of the dignified future son-in-law.

It is not just the umbrella, but all the other paraphernalia that are decorated in as much as the umbrella.

The handfan to cool the groom, the side bag to hold his belongings, the walking stick to keep his step and the Ramayana to inform him of the importance of making a family.

All these are decorated in the colour pink too, with the same rich embroidery and high quality fabric and zari decorations.

The walking stick is covered too in the same decor and completes the rich Kasi yatra set, worthy of the highly qualified groom.

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