Addutera Designs

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Addutera or terasela is a ritual item used as an integral part of the typical telugu wedding.


Addutera or Terasela Designs

Addutera or terasela is a ritual item used as an integral part of the typical telugu wedding.

So, what is it used for? Tera means curtain and sela is cloth. So, it literally means a cloth used as a curtain, between the bride and the groom. Since, the bride and the groom are not supposed to look at each other till the jeelakara bellam ritual is completed.

So, the addutera or terasela is placed, between them, while a couple of relatives hold them at each end.

Even though it is a simple cloth, in these days of designer weddings, we have elaborate designs for the simple addutera or terasela too.

So, the plain and simple addutera has transformed to form many addutera designs, with scenes from the epics printed on them, with Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, Radha Krishna etc.

Floral patterns and royal wedding scenes with elephants and musicians are also printed in the addutera/terasala.

To make things more interesting, you also have real flowers hanging on either side of the terasela, to make the visual magic complete.

Lace though unusual, may also be used too in the addutera, terasela designs. We are constantly evolving and come up with many new designs frequently.

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