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Einvitation or electronic invitation is an invite which is sent online via email or any other electronic mode. This is a non-traditional way to invite your guest for the event/wedding, but many brides and grooms are leaning towards this and even their families too.

Einvitation is also a fantastic idea and eco-friendly because it doesn’t waste fuel and energy in the process of making invitations. Since the present generation emphasizes being more eco-friendly, and Go Green sort of ideas many tend not to pollute the environment and go for the method that saves energy, fuel, and avoids pollution.  In addition, it is pocket and time friendly.

The occasions for which we can send Einvitations

E-invites can be sent for occasions like weddings, wedding related functions, birthdays, baby showers or any other event. It makes work quicker than the traditional method of sending an invitation.

Are Einvitation a replacement for Physical Invites?

E-invites are more trendy and preferred and are slowly replacing the physical invites to a great extent, but there are a larger percentage of people who are not tech savvy.  It would be very difficult for such people to navigate through the invitation.  In such cases, physical invitations are required. It’s better to send a physical invitation to the people who are not technical in using the electronic devices. So digital invitations or an einvitation can be sent to the ones who are Techy and that would be a great idea. Einvitation is preferred mostly by the younger generation.  Even if the list of advantages in einvitation is endless the traditional personal invites can never be replaced because  the feeling one gets in handing over one’s invite is very sentimental and priceless.

Why Should You Send an E-Invite For Your Wedding?

There are many reasons why Einvitations are preferred today.  First and the foremost reason is the style. The younger generation always want something different and unique for their wedding invites, the second reason is time.  If we are short of time, when there are hardly enough days left for the wedding, it becomes impossible to get a physical invite done but E- Invitation will give a hand during those times. Last but not the least, Einvitation is a good money saver as it is far cheaper than the physical invites. So, people with limited budgets in difficult times might go for Einvitation.

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