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Gold Colour Decorative Kasi Yatra Set For Wedding

Kasi Yatra Set for Wedding

The Kaasi Yaathirai, also called Kashi yatra, Kasi yatra is an important ritual (using the kasi yathirai set), and an interesting part of a typical tamil wedding, especially brahmin wedding, where the groom is prevented from going to Kasi to become a mendicant, to acquire wisdom.

The girl’s family, by offering her in marriage to the groom, tries to dissuade the groom from going to Kashi, with his Kasi yatra umbrella, the hand fan, Sundara Kandam from the epic Ramayana, shoulder bag, walking stick and wooden sandals. The offer is usually made by the brother or father of the girl or in their absence, a senior person from the girl’s family.

Wedding Aarathi Plate Decorated

Aarthi Plate

When you want seervarisai thattu or aarathi plates for your engagement or wedding, you need to look no further than Anantmaya, the exclusive wedding store, at Mandaiveli, Chennai.

All marriage aarathi plates for wedding are available online as well. We boast of a wide collection of seervarisai thattu decoration, which we continue to innovate and create new designs for your consumption.

We have a variety of Aarathi plate customization to suit your taste. As we all know, the aarathi is an inclusive part of Indian customs. Anantmaya offers you aarathi plates for wedding, engagement and other celebrations.

Pelli Kundalu designs.

Telugu Wedding Rituals

Telugu wedding was a 5 day affair with 3 major events a bride/groom making ceremony, wedding, and reception and 5 mini events like Mehandi, Homam, Satyanarayana Vratham, etc. Always wanted a simple, colorful and a very traditional wedding that connected.


Seer Plate Decor and Engagement Trays

Seer varisai plates are an integral part of any Indian wedding; more so with south Indian weddings. The colourful and decorated range of seer plates that are displayed, sometimes will be jaw dropping.

Bride groom ring for engagement.

Ring Platter

The ring is the most important element in any engagement or wedding. And for this reason alone, the ring platter gains the most importance in any engagement or wedding.

Ring platters come in many size, shapes and designs. They are made up of metal, fabric, cane, bamboo or even precious metals, based upon the host’s preferences.

Whether it is wedding ring platter or engagement ring platter, they are available for online booking with us, or just drop by at our showroom for your ring platter.

Your engagement ring platter or wedding platter with us, all days of the week, from 11am onwards.

Visit the largest wedding store in Chennai, for all your wedding accessories, at RK Mutt road, Mandaiveli.

Paruppu thengai koodu dark pink.

Paruppu Thengai Koodu

Your wedding product with us, all days of the week, from 11am onwards.

Visit the largest wedding store in Chennai, for all your wedding accessories, at RK Mutt road, Mandaiveli.

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