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Seer Decor Theme wise

      Seer thattu decorations that echo the flavours of God’s own country, in the tradition of Kerala, with the hallmark white and yellow dominating the seer varisai plates on display

      A beautiful seervarisai thattu decor with a multi colour rose bed theme symbolising love, togetherness, grace, joy, friendship, innocence and purity, is definitely a perfect presentation of your 21 plates for engagement

     This is a contemporary version of the traditional seer thattu decorations, on a dainty flower bed, outlined with flowers, leaves and twigs making your seer varisai plates stand out exceptionally

   Here’s your unique engagement varisai thattu, on the lines of the navaratri golu theme and style, a seer varisai thattu presented in different levels, in the auspicious yellow and crimson shades.

     A seervarisai thattu that looks most attractive with the varisai thattu collection presented on top of the bed of red roses, symbolising love and romance, which is the essence of a marriage, a seer thattu that stands apart from others.

     21 plates for engagement is a norm, but more or less plates are chosen based on the requirements of the family. Generally, your seer thattu online can contain sweets of many kinds, a variety of fruits and chococolates, cosmetics and costumes for the bride and groom, fragrant and exotic flowers from all over, dry fruits, nuts, sweetmeats, kalkandu, vethalai pakku are all part of your seer varisai thattu items list; making your best seer thattu decoration even better.

Seer Decor

There are seer varisai plates for every function; you name it, we have it.

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