Digital Invites

E invite for wedding or E invitation or electronic invitation is sent online via email or any other electronic mode. This is a non-traditional way to invite your guest for the event/wedding, but many brides and grooms are leaning towards this and even their families too.

Static Invite

There are two kinds of static invitations. Of the first kind, all text and images remain static, with the invitation text moving from top to bottom. These are simple wedding invitations where the invitation shows a static message, which is accompanied by some up and down movement, as if one is reading the invitation.

The other is the static invite with some additional animated visuals that are made part of the invitation.

Dynamic Invite

In this category, the digital wedding invitation card has subtle animations. As the number of events vary, this animated invite card may contain multiple pages, with transition effects.

The textual content may also be animated as the drop down, appear or slide in from one side of the screen.

Invitation dynamics at play

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