Box invite

Your royal wedding card is neatly printed and placed inside of your equally grand box, with sweetmeats or dry fruits placed inside, to be given to your exclusive guests, in line with your stature. If you are planning an opulent wedding, such as a beach or destination wedding, then all the more reason for a box wedding invitation.

We do have an intimate collection of wedding card box designs for you to choose from. Your box wedding card design can be customised to a limited extent.

Your luxury wedding invitations in boxes, come in various shapes, sizes and designs. These machine made precision design boxes come with a beautiful build and can be used for years to come.

MDF BOX Invites

MDF looks like wood, but is in fact wood shavings, powder or pieces of wood, pressed together and held together with the help of adhesives and high heat.

You can get your wedding invitation card design with us. We have a huge collection of Indian wedding cards with us; blank wedding invitation card, in simple wedding card design. Whether yours is an Islamic wedding or a Hindu wedding, we have the right wedding invitations with us, to suit your taste and budget.

Paper Box Invite

What is special about these paper box invites? Extremely stylish paper boxes containing your invitations, with slots to place gifts of your choice to your guests, as you present the invitation for your wedding.

These classy invitation boxes have a transparent top with the content inside visible clearly. So, you make an impression on your guests as you present your classic paper box with your invitation.

Cardboard box invite

We have an exquisite collection of cardboard box invitation cards, a few of which are on display here. You should see the amount of work that goes in the making of these lovely box invitations. In one example, we have a box that opens out like a door both sides. Each of these have a hollow inside, which contains the announcement on either side. The inner compartment is split into two, one which contains the wedding invitation, while the other half is dedicated to containers with sweetmeats, for the esteemed guest.


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