Are you looking for a wooden ring tray for your engagement, or a wooden ring platter. We have very many different varieties of wooden dream plays with us, both in our showroom at manually and also at our online portal. Please leave an inquiry note with us, if you want us to call you. We’ll call you right away.

The advantage of a wooden tray is that there is a lot of scope for, designs and decorations on it as we can carve certain designs on it. We can also add more colors to the wooden ring tray.

And we can also decorate it with soft cloth like velvet and other floral designs. They can also be hollowed out or in. Wooden ring trays will look good and unique, standing out from the crowd, when combined with other seervarisai items, and other plates with offerings for the engagement.

We do have a very good collection of wooden ring trays. And if you want other kinds of ring trays made out of other materials, we’re open to that and have a very good collection of engagement ring platters.

We use other material like metals, plastic enamel, or even acrylic. So, please visit our online portal or our showroom, which is the largest wedding accessory showroom in Chennai, at Mandaiveli, Chennai.

You’re welcome to visit us anytime. If you let us know when you’re coming, we’ll have a specialist to guide you through the entire collection, as you deserve products that make a difference in your wedding or engagement celebrations.

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