Teal Kasi Yatra Set

Light Green is a beautiful colour that symbolizes nature and peace. Light Green Kasi Yatra set symbolizes qualities of loyalty and caring. Most of all the colour Light Green vibrates with expressiveness, positivity and friendliness.

Here, the groom, he waits outside the mandap, ready to travel to the rail station, to board the express train to Kasi, where he plans to pursue his higher studies in the realm of higher consciousness. The ancient city of Kashi, the abode of Lord Viswanatha, is famed for the pursuit of spiritual knowledge.

The groom is eager to marry, but is in two minds, as to whether to stay and marry or pursue the world of knowledge that awaits him at Kasi.

Before he leaves, the father of the bride rushes to console him and convinces the groom not to undertake the Kasi Yatra and remain and get married to his daughter.

This Light Green Kasi Yatra set displayed here is upmarket and embroidered in complementing colours, with its own customized decorated umbrella and elaborate embroidery patterns all over the sides and is made out of pure silk. As with umbrellas from olden days, the end is a pointed one. The handle is curved and has a nice grip to it. The umbrella which is part of the light green kasi yatra set is decorated with tassels in complementing colours and is enhanced with quality zari work.

This high quality kasi yatra umbrella is worthy of his future son-in-law.

It is not just the decorated umbrella, but all the other components that make the kasi yatra set are decorated equally, as much as the umbrella.

All accessories are in light green too, beginning with the fancy design and frills of the handfan to cool the groom, the light green cloth saddle bag to hold his belongings, the walking stick to maintain his balance in tough terrain and the Sundara Kandam from the epic Ramayana that would convince the groom on the importance of making and keeping a family.

All these are also designed in the colour light green, with rich embroidery and high quality fabric including intricate zari decorations.

The walking stick of the kasi yatra set is also in light green colour and provides completion to the rich Kasi yatra set, worthy of the worthy bridegroom for the equally worthy bride.

Kasi yatra set in light green.