With regards to weddings we refer to it as an Auspicious occasion. For this Auspicious occasion of wedding it will be a grandeur to use things that are Precious. We, at Anantmaya believe that this auspicious and precious blend will make wedding a blissful occasion.

Tamil Rituals

   Hundreds of kasi yatra umbrella designs, part of your kasi yatra set for marriage at our expansive showroom. Choose your kashiyatra set made of cloth, peacock feathers, acrylic, real flowers, artificial flowers, varanasi silk, in many designs. Order kasi yatra set for marriage online from the comfort of your home.

   The kalyana set of decorative dolls or the golu kalyana set are very popular, especially in the southern Indian weddings, Tamil weddings, specifically brahmin weddings. These beautiul kalyana bommai sets are so cute that they add to the ambience of the wedding atmosphere. Get your special kalyana set, along with your vilayadal set, here at Anantmaya.

   Special and unique paruppu thengai koodu models available online at Anantmaya. Choose from the multitude of designs for the paruppu thengai cone. Choose from the typical traditional cone, or choose from koodu decoration with emblems of your favourite deities, custom built for you.

Telugu Rituals

   Mangala snanam set is a beautiful and traditional jalleda and kalasam used for the auspicious ritual of mangala snanam. This set typically includes the colorful jalleda and kalasa pot, used to bathe bride. During the haldi function, the decorated mangala snanam jalleda is used to pour water over the head of the bride in a ritual shower, to create a festive atmosphere. These elements add an extra touch of elegance and joy to the mangala snanam ceremony, making it a truly memorable and special occasion. Get your mangala snanam set online here.

For those of you who do not follow Telugu wedding traditions, Kobbari bondam is a fresh tender coconut, an elaborately decorated kobbari bondam, carried by the bride to the muhurtham stage.

Addutera or terasela is a ritual item used as an integral part of the typical telugu wedding.


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