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Types of Designs

   Very many engagement platter designs on display for you. Choose the swing design with overlying violet engagement ring platter, probably meaning that life swings both ways and that we have to keep it stable with our wisdom, gentleness and royal feel, as the colour violet implies.

   This wedlock design is one of our modern engagement ring plate decoration styles, as part of our engagement ring platter designs. With its padlock and keys, symbolic of the couple have to unlock themselves to make each other happy in their life together, is beautiful.

   The platter designed in the shape of heart is one of our popular engagement platter designs. Choose the red and gold engagement ring platter, which has both red and gold in equal measure, with gold symbolising wealth and success, while the red stands romance and passion, which are an inexplicable part of a life long relationship; so are you choosing your heart shaped ring platter?

Types of Themes

   Here’s another creative engagement ring tray for you to remember. This engagement ring tray decoration with flowers that appeals to the heart. Pastel colours always appeal to happy moments like these for a price that you cannot beat; value for money.

   This peacock themed ring tray decoration for engagement has been exclusively designed to be just that, exclusive. You can further beautify your already lovely engagement ring platter with name, in lasercut design. Get this ring platter for engagement online, only at Anantmaya.

  Get this rose themed modern engagement ring platter, personalized to your tastes. Make this unique handmade ring ceremony tray your own, get your name hanging from above in gold, making your ring tray even more special. Oh, how about seashell designs for your platter?

  The rustic themed engagement ring tray design, making it look a relic from the past, using a finish that is simple, yet charming, naturally crude, yet graceful; your handmade ring platter is sure to gather many eyeballs.

Rings that define your destiny, presented on, a beautifully decorated platter

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