Wedding Invitation Colours

Choosing the right wedding card colours can be a tricky one. Each colour has a different meaning and fits different wedding styles. Today the whole western world is mesmerised by Hindu weddings.

When talking about the Indian weddings, they have their own significance. Indian weddings are usually riots of colours.  Hues of reds, yellows and greens make a splash, creating a perfect ambience for an event as vibrant as one’s wedding.

Red: The Indian wedding without Red is said to be an incomplete figure. The colour red is associated with Durga, one of the most revered Hindu goddesses, symbolic of power, strength and valour.The colour red is said to be the boldest among the colours.

Yellow: when talking on the colour of prosperity, it provides the beliefs in being one of the auspicious colours. In Indian weddings the colour of yellow is used as a ritual for both the bride and the groom.

Green: The colour Green in the Indian wedding signifies the colour to bring the new beginnings in the couple lives. It denotes to have a prosperous future for the wedding couple.

Now moving to the western world or the western styles of weddings, they have their own PASTELS favours. They aren’t as loud as the Indian wedding but classy and elegance is their way. Wedding card colours used in the weddings include:

Blue: The Pantone blue is the classic blue of this year 2020 which brings a sense of peace and also calming the azure.

This wedding card colour is defined as sincere, reserved and quiet. When coming to the Beach weddings, the wedding card colours of blues plays it all right from scratch of invitation.

Orange: The pale version of this orange colour like the peach and the apricot signifies to be soft and gentle having a stimulating conversation yet putting them to ease. Whereas in the darker side it states the over-confident nature.

Pink: A living coral having a cherry choice defines unconditional love and understanding, and also provides with the giving and receiving of nurturing.

Purple: The shades of purple define to be unique, individual and independent, definitely not one of the crowd, so the purple weddings will need to be unique in some way or the other. This colour offers a more profound blend of purple and pink. This is a grown-up glam, coming of age, yet surprisingly soothing colour.

The above RAINBOW colours (RED, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, ORANGE, and PINK, PURPLE) of the wedding in both the Indian and the western styles of weddings industry carries their own beauty in their own way.

The ivory in both the wedding cultures also has its role to play. It defines to be a balanced, loyal and friendly personality of the hosts of the wedding. These  wedding card colours are also listed to be neutral, as they are different from the above RAINBOW colours and in addition to this, this ivory colour relies more on the skin tones.

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