Working on your wedding invitations? There are many things to consider for avoiding mistakes. While your Chennai wedding invitation designer will take care of most of the standard necessities, you can also help by ensuring that all the relevant information is provided at the very beginning to give them ample time to work without too many iterations.

Typically, wedding invitations follow a standard etiquette, however, with people willing to experiment and as more and more people want to get fun wedding invitations made, you can relax a bit on certain rules. However, the fundamentals will remain and here’s our list of the dos and don’ts to make sure you don’t steer too far away from what’s appropriate and sometimes necessary.

Do Keep the Wording Simple

Never overcrowd your wedding invite with your life stories. Yes, you might want to add some extra fun information, while it might seem okay at the discussion stage, remember that too much content will drive your guests’ attention away from important details such as the date and the venue.

Don’t Address in First Person

Unless you are the one hosting and inviting people it is standard to have the parents name as the host and they should be addressed in third person. Yes, you can relax this rule a bit if you’re sending out informal wedding invites, but it’s never usually the case, so follow standard protocol.

Do Use Full Names

Yes, it can be fun to use only your nicknames on your wedding invitation, however not everyone will be aware of it. To avoid any confusion, use your full names to make it easier for your guests to remember whose wedding card it is. Surnames can be avoided only if it’s the same as your parents.

Do Include all the Deets

Date, time, venue and names are all standard info that you will have to include in your wedding invitation. However, nowadays with RSVPs and sometimes even wedding websites people think it’s all right to skip certain details and save paper. While the important details will still have to printed since not every aunt and uncle will be able to go to your Facebook or wedding website to send in their RSVPs, you can sit with your wedding card designer to check what needs to be included and what shouldn’t be to keep your wedding invite simple and elegant.

Don’t Forget to Proof-check

Always have someone look at the final draft of your wedding invitation before it goes for printing. Wedding invitations are usually printed in multiples of hundred, just imagine the loss if you were too lazy to check what was printed.

Do Keep it Cohesive

Let your custom wedding invitation give your guests a peek into what’s to come. Matching the colour palette with the wedding décor and your clothes has become common. While not everyone will be able to do it all the way, just make sure you include some colours to maintain cohesion across the wedding décor design and theme.

Don’t Forget to Order Extra

Always order extra wedding cards. You don’t want to run out of wedding invites and have them reprinted, which would cost you much. But just because you have extras, don’t send them out to all the people you had not considered inviting in the fist place. Remember, your parents will want to keep some copies and so would you. So, print some but not too much.