Engagement Ring Platters in Chennai

During the engagement, the families of the bride and the groom will exchange the ritual items within themselves. At this juncture, the engagement ring platter gains importance. All eyes are focussed on this small but significant item in the engagement festivities. Since, this engagement happens even on the day prior to the wedding, even if was celebrated as a separate function, it gains maximum importance in the sequence of events.

For some families, it becomes a matter of pride that the engagement ring platter looks out of the ordinary and so much attention is devoted to get the right one in place.

Normally, it is a rush hour requirement, when the families get into overdrive and the decibels increase as a result of it. But, when properly planned and done, none of the family members need to feel the tension though.

Some people pay a lot of attention to the engagement rings. But, the engagement ring platter is given the rough. This is a point we emphasize to all our clients; that the platter on which the rings are placed, has to be given the right kind of importance. Not only because it is carrying the most precious things for the would be bride and the groom, but also due to the fact that all eyes of the guests in the hall will be focussed on the tray. Thus, it becomes very important that some attention, at least, is given to the engagement rings tray.
We need to ensure that a grand platter is engaged for this purpose. Or a unique one. Engagement ring trays are dime a dozen in the market. To get one of our liking is the challenge.
We can choose one of the many models available from small to big, from normal to exotic engagement ring platters.

Quite a few couples and their families are opting for uniquely monogrammed engagement ring trays for use on their special day. Okay, so let us find out the kind of options that are available with us, as far as trays are concerned.

There are trays made out of plastic, with or without handles. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with floral and other prints. These are of the normal variety.

Metal trays are another option; steel, silver and gold plated trays are up one rung in this. There are trays that are decorated in velvet, silk and highlighted with real flowers or golden embroidery. There are trays made out of bamboo, cane and other eco-friendly material too. These can further be decorated to our liking with additional material like young coconut leaves which will enhance and elevate their presence. Our primary requirement is to catch people’s attention. These kinds of decorations do that and more.

Talking about exotic presence, did you know there are replicas of palanquins, expensive cars, chariots and so on, which can hold the precious engagement rings for the grand opening. Yes, you could try them too.

Engagement ring platters also come in wooden models; with premium wood finish they can also be considered. All of these are usually enhanced by velvet cloth such as red or blue or maroon, which will hold the engagement rings till the time they are required.

There are no minumum order quantity when it comes to engagement platters or trays with us. These various trays are also usable in a variety of functions such as Haldi, Mehndi, Reception.

For a change, the multi-tiered engagement ring trays are also a distinct possibility. Since, we have apprised you of the options, we invite you to make your presence at our showroom in RK Mutt road and make your selection. Anantmaya, is one of the most premium showrooms for wedding accessories, with a variety to choose from. Do fix an appointment to get your own personal tour of the products.