Engagement ring plate design

When you look for customised engagement ring platter, we assume you want a unique and special engagement ring plate for your engagement.

You probably want an engagement ring plate design that is exclusive, made of a unique material, a unique design, with a unique decoration.

And probably an exclusive ring holder.

Largest wedding showroom in Chennai

Welcome to Anantmaya, the best and the largest wedding store in Chennai, with a large collection of ring plates, especially for your engagement.

You can purchase your engagement ring plate with name, with or without decoration from our online portal, or you can visit us at our showroom in Mandaiveli.

These modern engagement ring trays come in various designs, you know, floral designs or designs with religious symbols on it, designs with the portraits of the bride and the groom, decorated with soft velvet cloth with soft padding.

Engagement ring plate ideas

If you have any engagement ring plate ideas, let us know and we will try and create one for you.

So, the engagement ring plates or platters are available online, and the designs are only limited by the imagination of the creator.

These decorative plates for engagement ring are made with different raw materials of the highest quality to come up with products that are beautiful and exude a premium feel.

We have a design team which constantly comes up with different platter designs, for your engagement.

And some of them are handmade and make use of eco friendly material, or if you wish, there are materials that are used from natural material. For example, engagement trays are also made out of seashells and other wood elements.

So, when you look for your ring tray for engagement online or offline, we are your ultimate destination.

We have a mountain load of varieties for you to choose from. And if you require, we can also come up with a unique ring plate decoration for yourself, a unique design exclusively for you.

All these things are possible, as your satisfaction is our quest. We request you to come over to our showroom and have a look at our collection of wedding accessories and to find your customized engagement ring platter with us.

Other popular products

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