Gold Kasi Yatra Set


Kasi Yatra set of 5 items – decorated wedding umbrella, stick, hand fan, book and bag

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Gold Kasi Yatra Set

Gold stands for wealth and success. So it is with the Gold Kasi Yatra set. It is a symbol of prestige, influence and prosperity. It indicates generosity and compassion; resonates with optimism, is uplifting and is linked to the sahasrara chakra in yogic parlance which is enlightening. Most of all the colour gold vibrates with confidence.

So, as the new groom stands outside the mandap, to board the next available train to Kasi, the place of Lord Viswanatha, eager but in two minds, whether to stay or pursue the world of knowledge that awaits him at Kasi.

It is now time for the bride’s father to console him and to change his mind.

This gold kasi yatra set is completely gold in colour, with its own customized decorated umbrella, with elaborate embroidery patterns in gold all over the sides and made out of pure silk. As with yesteryear umbrellas, it has a pointed top and a curved handle, with golden tassels all over, enhanced with intricate zari work.

This umbrella is worthy of the dignified future son-in-law.

It is not just the umbrella, but all the other paraphernalia that are decorated, as much as the umbrella.

All accessories are in gold too, beginning with the fancy frilled handfan to cool the groom, the gold side bag to hold his belongings, the walking stick to keep his step and the Sundara Kandam from Ramayana to imbibe in him the importance of making a family.

All these are decorated in the colour gold too, with the same rich embroidery and high quality fabric and zari decorations.

The walking stick is covered too in the same gold colour and completes the rich Kasi yatra set, worthy of the highly qualified groom for the equally qualified bride.

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