Planning a wedding can be tedious. What with the million little and big things that go into making a ‘perfect’ wedding!? If you’ve enlisted the help of a good Chennai wedding planner then the load will be off your shoulders. However, those of you who are still contemplating whether to choose a wedding planner or not, you should know there are some basic things that need to be taken care of right away and what a better way to start ticking off your to-do list than to start with your wedding return gift?

The wedding return gift is a one of the best ways to show your loved ones who come over to bless you and share in your happiness, how much their presence means to you. While some still choose to give away the traditional Thamboolam bag with a fruit, which could be a banana or lemon or even a coconut along with betel leaves and betel nut and sometimes a kumkum box, a lot of couples are now choosing to give away unique return gifts. While the options are many, here’s our list of the five best return gift ideas that you can look into to choose the one that matches your budget, time and your preferences.

Organic Products

From honey to detox health shake powder the options are limitless. And if you’re into health drinks it’s a great way to get your family and friends to explore the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Scented Candles

Scented candles as a return gift is a great option as they can be quite aromatic and ornamental. Choose ones in eye-popping colours or unique designs so that your guests can use them as a decorative item if they are not that keen on lighting them.

Feng Shui Items   

Vaastu and Feng Shui items are considered a great option for a return gift because they are believed to be a source of positive energy. You can choose anything from laughing Buddhas to windchimes or lucky crystals to wish your guests happiness and prosperity.

Customised Chocolates

Though they come with a limited shelf life chocolate make for a great return gift as they can be enjoyed by most. Moreover, if you get them customised then they can be packed in pretty boxes that can make for a really memorable return gift item.

Religious Return Gifts

Small Lord Ganesha or an Infant Jesus or even a small framed holy verse from a religious text are great options for a return gift. While this might not be a favourite choice among many, religious items are a nice way to send some divine blessing to your wedding guests.


Easy to maintain and a nice decor item, succulent plants are a good choice for a return gift as they can double up as a decorative item. Make sure to choose ones in exotic colors or choose small colorful pots to add some zing to your Eco-friendly return gift.