A. The Importance of the Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitations are the first preview that guests get of the wedding.  It is a perfect chance to set the tone and the style for the Big Day.  It also gives details about the wedding schedule, but most importantly the wedding cards serve as a legal document of proof about the ceremony.

Marriages are planned in Heaven and celebrated on Earth.  Hence the perfect measure to make the occasion blissful and documented is through a wedding card.

A wedding card is highly valued because it is for the first time the name of the bride and the groom appears together.  Hence it is essential that this unison of names should be as unique and special as possible.  The mantras or slokas invoking God’s presence and blessings are often printed on the special elegant cards.  It is traditional to articulate wedding cards with God’s adorning the front side and the wedding details in the following inners.  An ostentatious wedding is represented by high quality cards with silver, gold and gem stones embedded on it.

B. Setting the Traditional and Cultural Tone

A detailed inspired wedding card is woven around the tradition and the cultural values of the society.  Its unique colour designs and patterns set the tone of the function without which the ceremony is incomplete.  In certain cultures the first invite is presented before God seeking blessings during the commencement of the D Day which marks the fusion of love, tradition and celebration.

C. Ceremonial Excitement

A wedding is more than just a unison of two individuals.  The ceremony marks a culmination and represents the emotional attachment of the souls of the wedding couple for prosperity.   No one wants this important day to be just an ordinary one.  Hence a colourful stylish invite can create excitement and reflect the significance around.

D. Providing Pertinent Information

A traditional wedding invite includes the name of the Grandparents / Parents who is hosting the wedding.  In certain cases the names of the couple are used.  This is followed by a formal invitation followed by the full names of the happy couple with the date & time of the ceremony, wedding /Reception venue information and finally the RSVP details.  A wedding invite is that one element that should give the invitee the gist of the Big Day.

 E.Dress Code

The recent trend shows a definite increase not only on the wedding budget but also by selecting a theme for D Day.  Exclusive wedding invites today besides announcing the date of the Big event feel the need to make the guests special so a theme and colour is introduced for the ceremony.  A special request is made to the invitees to partake in the special Nuptial event in selected thematic shades.

 F. Wedding Website

This is particularly important if one has decided against traditional weddings and are relying on your wedding website as a first point of contact with your guests.   A wedding website will clearly outline who is getting married, the wedding date and time, the venue and the RSVP date.  Certain websites help to track the visited data and it is a great idea to have a registry page so that the planning can be meticulously done.

G. Personal Invite with Traditional  Touch

As you plan your wedding invite you want every detail to reflect the love and commitment between you and the future spouse.  Beyond this when the Big Day is approaching one needs to meticulously plan and figure out all possible ways in inviting the guests because it marks the tradition and the perfect respect one has towards the other Variation is permissible in the form of wedding invite irrespective of numbers, the traditional way of inviting people helps to stay connected personally and it is a great opportunity to renew ones relationship.   One’s love deserves to be heralded not only with a display of beauty and charm on the invite but with sheer respect which is displayed when handing over the cards personally which is the first personal contact with one’s guests for the event.


 Typical features of traditional wedding invitation wording

Traditional wedding invitations are written in the third person where the bride’s name appears before that of the groom with the dates and times spelt out in words and the full name including the middle names is inserted. The traditional invite is often written on behalf of the parents hosting the wedding.

A traditional wedding invite includes the name of the Grandparents / Parents who is hosting the wedding.  In certain cases the names of the couple are used.  This is followed by a formal invitation followed by the full names of the happy couple with the date & time of the ceremony, wedding /Reception venue information and finally the RSVP details.

Well begun is half done.   The crucial and the most important factors for one’s wedding is choosing the Right Invite.   This implies whether it is Hindu, Islamic, Catholic and Sikh or any other religion.  When it comes to Indian Weddings, everyone wishes to have the best of possible card invitations.  Various sizes, the matic and designs are now available for Indian weddings.


Invites vary distinctly from religion to religion and from a particular religion to its caste and community but to sum it all invites are purely a symbol of pure rhapsody for the inviter and the invitee.


Designer & Designed Invitations

What is a designer Invitation?

A designer invitation is an invitation that is designed by the designer according to the inputs given by the couple to suit their tastes and preferences. The designer invitation is done from scratch. Everything used in a designer invitation is selected by us upon which the designer blends his/her creativity and builds up an unique design.


What is a designed Invitation?

A designed invitation is an invitation that is pre designed by the designer of the invitation company. Designed Invitations are sold in the invitation shops which are selected by the customer for printing. Unlike designer invitations, designed invitations don’t have options for altering the design to accomodate printing. Printing is done only within the space allocated for them.


Pros and Cons of Designer Invitations

Pros of Designer Invitations:

  • Flexibility of options to select your own designs and colours.
  • Uniqueness of design. The design which we are designing will be unique to us.
  • High degree of perfection with regards to the output.
  • Innovation-We can create our own card based on our innovative idea and the creative output of the designer.

Cons of Designer Invitations

  • Designer Invitations are time consuming.
  • Designer Invitations are costly. The special papers used and the special printing effect made make Designer invitations costly. The more the volume, the lesser will be the price.


Pros and cons of Designed Invitations


  • Designed Invitations are cheap and economical.
  • Time Saving- As the cards are already predesigned, the designed cards only require for the matter to be printed and hence save a lot of time.


  • No flexibility- The designs once on the card cannot be altered.
  • Lack of creativity- We cannot create our own elements. Even the printing that is done must be matching with the already pre printed designs.



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