Customized Luxury Wedding Card with Box

wedding card with box

What can be more impressive than a box wedding invitation to announce your extraordinary wedding? Another box invitation, of course. Yes. We have hundreds of choices for your box wedding invitation.

This is the best way to invite your nearest and dearest. The box wedding invitation, not just contain your wedding invitation card, but has compartments where you can show and share your loving and caring with sweetmeats; nuts, chocolates and other exotic items that you wish to include.

These wedding card boxes are a luxury to receive, handle and they are usually never discarded, due to their regal looks.

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Behind every wedding tale there a thousand little anecdotes of love, laughter, sacrifice and a million emotions. Fortunate are the couples who are able to create an artistic memorabilia and not just an invite; which most accurately represents their journey until their D-day.


Box invitation are slowly picking in popularity all around. So, whether you are in Chennai, Coimbatore, Bengaluru or elsewhere, we can ship your unique box invitation to your doorstep. We have many readymade designs for your wedding card box, which look royal all the way.

We have provision to customise your wedding card box design if you wish. The design on the box outside matches with the invitations that are designed and printed and placed inside. Similarly, the gift items that you wish to place inside the wedding invitation card box, also contain the labels and designs that match the box invitation. The colours and theme could be based on the theme for your wedding.

There is always, well mostly, a tagline for the couple, which could be the logo impressed on top of the wedding card box.


Dry fruits are among the many item that are placed inside the wedding card box. Nuts, spices, tea leaves are other items that have been part of our wedding invitation gift boxes. In a special case, we included mountain sourced honey as the surprise gift item inside the wedding card with box. The point is that within the space limitation, anything could be included that catches your fancy.


We just don’t sell you the invitation box alone. We provide you with the complete solution. We offer you hundreds of wedding card box designs to choose from, we design your wedding invitations that go into the box, we print your invitations and we source the material, whether it is sweets, honey, spices, tea or coffee that goes inside your wedding invitation gift boxes.

Once that is done, we pack your box wedding invitation, with your royal wedding card box design and deliver it to you intact.

All our box invitations are of the highest quality and maintain international standards, worthy of a prince. You can order your wedding card box online with us, and get all the transactions done, even without you visiting our store. You make an online payment and your luxury wedding invitations in boxes reach you right at your doorstep.

All our wedding invitation card boxes go through a strict process of quality control, in every stage of production. We ensure that every box that you receive is of the same quality, the first one till the last one.

We also have those special bridesmaid invitation boxes, the larger boxes for Christian weddings, given away to bridesmaids with thanks. We have the most expansive set of box invitations in our gallery at our exclusive wedding store at Mandaveli.

The price of your box invitation is dependent on your choice of material, design, size of our wedding card boxes. Do get in touch for a video Whatapp call where our specialist could run you through our collection for your reference.

Whether you want a wedding invitation card with sweets, savouries, fruits or nuts or anything box, get in touch with us. Our name is our guarantee. Come, and take a look at the Anantmaya box wedding invitation collection.

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