wedding bags – Wedding bags in Chennai

When it comes to weddings, bags are inevitable and a part and parcel of the celebrations. For our weddings, we need bags big and small and in various sizes in between.

Choosing a colourful selection is a challenge. And in these days of eco-friendly focus, it becomes all the more difficult to choose the ones that we like. We have the traditional jute bags for the wedding, jute made wedding return gift bags, which may be printed or plain. Then there are multicolour wedding bags which catch the attention of the beholder. Sizes and capacity also play a part in the purchase of wedding bags. There are bags that can hold up to 3 kgs in capacity. Generall, the minimum order quantity will be 1000, but this is a variable.

Generally, the minimum order quantity is defined to get you the most economical rates per bag.

There are also antique style bags with us, which are strong, eco-friendly and come finely finished. There are bags that come in different shapes as you wish. They can be rectangular or square or sometimes even in unusual shapes.

Are you looking for a disposable wedding bag? There is a wide range of options of those types also. Ask us for details.

Wedding bags that look high class, with smooth texture, such as velvet bags are usually in high demand for the high quality looks and the fit and finish. Non woven, with a beautiful design and with excellent fit and finish are the hallmarks of a great wedding bag. Combine this with an array of colours and you have the perfect wedding bags in Chennai that you were looking for.

Wedding bags are generally given away as complementary offerings as the guests leave the venue. The choice of the wedding bags in Chennai are based on the cost of each bag; wedding bags come in varied shapes, sizes and budget. Your budget, your bag is our mantra and we have a variety to cater to your choice.

If you are looking to give away coconut and thamboolam, the jute wedding return gift bag is the best choice. They are rectangular in size and come with a minimum order quantity of 100 or more. They come in multi colours; if you want your jute wedding bags in the individual colours of the rainbow, you can have it here. These incidentally come plain with no patterns on them. Patterns, however may be printed on as per your wish.

These bags, easy to carry since they are small bags, however are good for small items only, as indicated.

You are not looking for suitcases; but bags. Printed bags that are colourful and premium fit and finish are also a popular choice with the clients. They come in different colours such as red, blue, orange etc; in short in any colour of your choice.

Our fancy wedding bags in Chennai are noted for their strength, durability, mobility and come with various strap sizes. In some of the bags, the size of the strap is long and adjustable as per your requirements; a great feature that will be useful in many occasions.

For a detailed discussion and for a live demonstration of the products, you may come to our studio at RK Mutt road any time.