Shopping for the newlywed? Choosing the right wedding gift is never easy, especially if you’ve known the couple for quite some time. While flowers are nice and simple, if you’re close to the couple, it can seem a little too impersonal since you’ve not really put any thought into choosing the right wedding gift. The perfect wedding gift will be something that the couple can use in their day-to-day lives or enjoy together or keep for some time to come. So, whether you choose satin sheets or fine cookware, make sure you pick something that will add a dash of happiness to their lives every day.

Not sure what to choose? Here’s our list of unique wedding gifts that you can choose from to show how much you love their twosome.

Customised Luggage

Does the newlywed love to travel? Gift them customised or engraved travel bags or luggage that they will definitely use on all those adventures they’ve planned to go together.

A Goodie Basket

Want to give a little bit of everything? From scented candles and soaps to engraved photo frames, customised mugs, cushion covers and clocks, fill your goodie baskets with an assortment of little gifts that they’ll love to unwrap and enjoy.

Date Night

Nothing can be more stressful than a wedding. So, give the lovebirds a fully-paid night out at a fancy restaurant that they can enjoy together, without being disturbed. You could even pick a place that does candlelight dinners to give them a truly memorable evening.

Framed Wedding Invitation

In all the hullabaloo no one will think of getting their wedding invitation framed. So, why not get the best picture framing store to create a customised and unique frame for their wedding invitation? After all its one of the most beautiful proofs of how it all began.

A Romantic Getaway

Want the happy couple to escape the confines of the real world? Get them a getaway voucher that will give them some cosy time away from the mundane and get them refreshed to start their lifetime together.

A Spa Voucher

Who doesn’t like to be pampered? A spa visit is a necessity after all the running around for the wedding. Give the newlywed a couple’s voucher that they can use to unwind and rejuvenate.

A Wedding Photoshoot

Want to do something more fun and unique?  Gift them a wedding photoshoot that they can enjoy for a lifetime. They sure would have already booked the best Chennai wedding photographer to capture some candid wedding shots. So, you can choose to gift them an after-wedding photoshoot that captures the beginning of their life together.

Gift Card

This could be anything, from home décor voucher to a lifestyle and clothes voucher from the store they love. While a lot of people might choose to give this, you can make it unique by choosing not just one but a few from different stores to get the newlyweds to go shopping together and make some fun memoires picking essential items for the home that they are building together.