E- Invitations can be classified into two broad categories

1.Classification on the basis of designs

On the basis of design types E-Invitations can be classified into the following three categories..

a. Static E-invitation

Static e-invitation is an E-invitation which is in jpg format.  There can be as many  inserts based on the events planned for your wedding reflecting one’s theme and colour.

b. Invitation with Gif

Gif invitation format for image files that supports both animated and static images.   This is a perfect choice for those who like little animation.

c. Invitation as Video

This type of invitation has great impact among the wedding couple, usually these types of invitations contain less information which is really required. You can even use your image, advance animation for each and every event.

2.On the basis of purpose

On the basis of purpose E invitation can be classified in the following categories.

a.Wedding Invitations

The current scenario has seen a surge in the demand for E Invitations. Although traditionally printed Invitations are used, E Invitations are being preferred by the younger generations. E Wedding Invitations are used for a variety of purposes. Depending upon the types E-Invitations can be classified as Bachelorette party Invites, Bridal shower Invitations,  Save the date Invitations, Engagement Invitations, Reception Invitations,etc. For all these purposes a static e-invite or an animated one may be used. Nowadays GIFs are increasingly being used. Let’s see them one by one.

b.Engagement Party

This is the party marking the engagement of the couple and to inform the guests about the future wedding plans and dates. Traditionally the bride’s parents hold the engagement party. But nowadays the couples themselves hold engagement parties. It is mainly an Informal party. A lot of fancy animated templates are available for electronic engagement party invitations.

c.Save the Date

Announce the date to ensure they keep the date free!

The very first step following the proposal is the Wedding. Date of the wedding is fixed and sent to the guests well in advance so that they can make themselves available for the wedding. ‘Save the Dates’ is the card that does this job.  Save the Dates can be sent to the guests almost a year or more in advance and this is normally in the form of an Invitation.  Save the dates invitations are mainly informal. ‘Save the dates’ invitations are generally casual in nature.  The wordings can be done however we want. Most couples use ‘Save the Date’ invites for showing their personality and character rather than to set a formal or informal tone to the wedding. ‘Save the Date’ can be in the form of normal wedding cards as well as digital invites. But the current trends show that E- Cards are mostly preferred for the ‘Save the Date’ invites. A lot of digital designs and caricatures of the couple designed with additional graphics and sound, E-Invites really makes it adorable.

d.Bachelorette Party– 

This is the party given to the bride to be marking the end of her bachelorette way of life. The party is mainly hosted by the bridesmaid or any loved one for the matter. The friends of the bride and women of the same age among the relatives are invited to the party. Usually a traditional type of Invitation used to be printed but nowadays fancy animated invites are being designed to invite the bride’s friends for the party. A similar party called ‘Bachelor’s Party’ is hosted for the groom’s friends from the groom’s side. SInce, the party involves mainly youngsters fancy animated invites designed for the purpose.

e.Bridal Shower-

Bridal shower is a gift giving party to the bride to be in anticipation of the wedding ceremony. Bridal shower includes mainly foods, drinks, gifting and off course a surprise gift from the fiance. Bridal Shower is hosted by the bride’s maid. For the Bridal shower the mothers of bride and groom, aunts, cousins, sisters and female friends are invited. The Bridal shower ceremony is usually held between three months to two weeks before the wedding. Invites are sent for this purpose. Beautifully animated e invites are now being preferred. The reason is the party usually being small,  E-invites will be a way to minimise the expenses.

f.Reception Invitations

Wedding reception is mainly organised by the groom’s family after the conclusion of the wedding ceremony. It is a sort of a grand function which is attended by the groom’s friends and associates and a few close relatives of the bride. Specialised E invitations are sent by the groom’s side for this. E Invites are largely preferred by the tech savvy couples.

g.Virtual parties

In the times of pandemic social distancing and self quarantine have become essential to stay safe from the disease. How about partying? Don’t you want to party anyway? Social media comes to the rescue. Behold! Party is ready, but how to invite people to the party? Here comes the digital invitation for you. A fancy animated digital invite is a great way to invite your friends and dear ones for the party. Even when the pandemic is gone the fashion of virtual parties will not vanish away. Then in that case, the next thing to come to your mind should be none other than the mesmerising E Invites.

h.Kid’s birthday party

When it is your kid’s birthday party, you may like to invite your kid’s friends home to make the party a grand fiesta. Sending boring traditional invitations to the kids around will not be a nice idea. Then how will you invite the kids? Well! There is a solution for you now. Send the kinds something they love with the message tagged together. No need to squeeze your mind further. E Invitations make this job more adorable by sending animated cartoon invites in a way that is loveable by the kids.

i. Baby Shower

Baby shower is a ceremony of gift giving. It is a ceremony to mark the transformation of a woman into a mother. This function is held before the birth of the child. Baby showers are known by different names in different cultures. A party is usually conducted where close relatives and the friends of the expected to be mother will be called. A fancy animated digital invite to invite people to the party will make the moment a loveable memory.

j.Get togethers

Get together party is usually an informal party where people come together for a purpose. Get together parties may be for a cause and at the same time there get together parties are also held to relive the gold old memories. Get together party of the friends of school or college are meant for joy and fun. Like the fun in the party the invitations sent across should also be something that ignites the great old memories.A digital invitation for that matter will take it a great mile through combining the glimpse of the good old memory along with the invitation message.

k.Adult birthday party

Birthday means fun whether it’s for a child or an adult. Birthday parties are where people come together to share joy, fun and blessings. So, inviting people in a way never before will make it really unique for the birthday party. An amazing animated digital invitation for the purpose will be a wonderful idea to bring more fun and joy to the party.


Moving to a new house is a memorable part of life. What’s more happier than to live in a home sweet home. The Housewarming party is hosted by the person who is moving to the new house. It is a party to showcase the new house to the guests. Being an informal party where only few individuals are invited E-invitations will serve the inviting job in an unique economical way.

Wedding E-Invitation Do’s 

1. Mind-blowing Introduction

So first what you need to do in a wedding invite is add a two-line poem or wedding vows cute message for your guests. Make sure they fall in love with your e-invite at the first look. The introduction should be in such a way that your guests get charmed.

 2. Colour coordination

Then comes the right way to use your wedding theme or wedding colour that is going to reflect in your wedding décor.  It’s not about the continuity to the entire celebration, but also will give a sneak peek of your wedding to the guest.

3. RSVP’s

It is really a fantastic idea to create RSVP through digital mode.  A digital RSVP will make it easy for the guests to fill and the hosts to receive as everything is done by the click of the finger.  Indeed this makes it faster than the traditional way of sending the RSVP card through post.

4. Use your hashtags

Hashtags are the latest trend in social media. Hashtags are also familiar in E-Invites.  You can add your wedding hashtag in your e-invite so that all your guests will be able to tag you in numerous pictures of your wedding.  This will be beautiful indeed and we can create personal memories with them.

5. Let your invite speak

Many people are likely to send Video E-invitation nowadays.  Videos are really eye catchy ones and will never make your guest miss out on the dates or timings.

6.Follow – ups are must

E-invitation doesn’t need a lot of time, People often tend to follow up after sending their invites. 6 Weeks before the wedding, it would be nice and courteous to follow up through phone or another e-invitation.

Wedding E-Invitation  don’ts

Make it simple

Never try to add more than two fonts to e-invitation, this would help to have some continuity in the invite. Remember more the number of fonts, more the confusion for the guests.  Avoid too  many logos and designs.

Dress code

It’s not really necessary to mention the dress code on the invitation, because the attire one wears for the occasion is one’s own choice.

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