Getting your custom wedding invitations done? If you get the best wedding invitation designer in Chennai to work on your wedding invites you can rest assured that most of the points listed below will be taken care of. However, it’s also better for you to consider the following recommendations before you get the final design printed to avoid mistakes.


Don’t sacrifice readability for pretty calligraphy, font and text colours. You want your guests to be able to read the written words, so make sure the background and the font colours are contrasting enough to improve legibility. Anyway, if you work with the best wedding invitation designer in Chennai, you can let them take care of that for you.


Make sure you follow the standard rules to word your wedding invitation appropriately. Traditionally the name of the hosts will appear first, and it could be something standard, such as, ‘so and so request the honour of your presence’. Go over the copy with your Chennai wedding card designer to pick the lines that work for you. If you have a long list of people, ensure that you discuss this at the design stage so that you can choose a layout that will work for you. And when you receive the first draft go over it carefully to be certain that you have not missed anyone or anything that needs to be included.

Date and Time

To avoid unnecessary hassles, it is advisable to spell out the time and date and to also mention the day. This will help people to plan accordingly and avoid misinterpretation.

Too Much Info

You’re getting married to so and so on such and such date at ______ venue. This is the most important information, which should be preceded by the names of the host. The date needs to be spelled out with the day and month and you should mention the venue address with any important landmark if there’s any. Other than this every other information you add will only be crowding your wedding invitation card. So carefully consider what you want to include and what you would like to exclude. Directions, RSVPs and other things can be printed on a separate insert, if you can add one. A crowded wedding card will not only be illegible, but it will also ruin the wedding card design.  So, talk to your wedding card designer and plan the layout and decide the necessary details to include and the unnecessary ones to omit.


If you’re planning a destination wedding, you will need to know the final number of guests to organise their accommodation and inform your caterers and other vendors. So, include your RSVP information somewhere prominently to ensure it will not be missed.


Do you have great handwriting? If you do, then you’re lucky otherwise think about getting a calligrapher to do your envelopes. Yes, if you get the best wedding invitation designer in Chennai to design your custom wedding invites you can ask them to do it at an extra cost. However, if you think it might be a little too much for you then you can always ask your wedding card designer to get you printed labels or you could also use calligraphy software to get them printed to save costs. Whatever, you decide to do just make sure you also plan how to address your envelopes when you get your wedding invites done.

Order Extra

It’s quite expensive to print extra wedding invitations after they’re all done. So even before you have them printed decide on how many extra copies you will need to save on that cost. If you’re addressing your envelopes with a calligrapher there could be some that will go waste so you will need to take that into consideration and also need more for the B-list guests, you might end up inviting at the last minute.

Triple-Check the Proof

Have a lot of copy in your wedding invitation? Get someone who is grammar-savvy to proof check your invites before they go for printing. You cannot afford to send out invites with spelling errors and bad sentence construction. Enlist the help of someone who is proficient. However, if you are working with a good wedding card designer in Chennai, they will take care of that for you.