The design of the invitations usually reflects the lifestyle of the hosts. These invitations carry all the relevant content right from the scratch. 

The six trending themes followed for the standard invitations are:

1.Floral Invitations :

A pick of florals has always been trendy and right there in modern times. Water colour painting and the beautiful flowers in the wedding is always in the mind when we talk about wedding scenes, then why not the florals on the invitations too??  The rose when seen on invitations is loved as seen in real. The floral invitations have always been trending in the current wedding market. The colour of the florals varies and the colors of the inserts of the invitations are also mix-matched on the taste and preferences of the hosts.

2. Peacock Theme Invitations:

The use of peacock as a theme symbolizes the beauty and the elegance towards the weddings. The peacock being an age old tradition has become a ritual in Indian weddings. The feather colour of the peacock is used as the inserts giving a vibrant and a tone of the royal blue in the wedding invitations. Everything about this wedding invite screams regal classy. The choice of this peacock theme invitations having the core shades of colour in blue and green  states the richness of the hosts style as well. 

3.Lotus theme invitations 

Lotus Theme Invitation Cards exhibit loveliness and sweetness that only put forth the nature in a display.  The choose on Lotus invitation card for the wedding, will always cherish and treasure for a lifetime. Here ,the colour coordinates the paper with the card boxes and also has a variety of different and unique invite designs which will definitely go well with your wedding theme and the style you want. Having the combination of the pink shades inserts and the golden envelope with lotus engraved gets that perfect thing, in an invitation.


4. Royal Thematic Invitations :

Having a vintage royal feel on the invitations by designing with elephants and the portraits of the king and the queen will definitely bring spark on the faces of the guests that shall be treasured for life. The colours and the back-drop used may be categorised into two segments’ the lighter tone and the darker tone. The lighter tone shall be with white, beige, off-white and the gold theme. The darker tone shall carry the tones of the vibrant designed colors with royal blues and pinks. 

5. Laser- Cut invitations :

Laser cut cards in modern times is a sure WOW card as laser cutting in itself is a best way to emote the feelings on a paper. The beauty of such cards is the laser cutting done with perfection, which shows the elegance of a card. This card with gold foiling prints enhances the beauty of it. the calligraphy used in fonts is suggested to get a indo-western look towards the invitations.

6.Pastel thematic Invitations :

The perfect blend of classic and the elegant floral is arrived by the Pastel tones of the invitations. The pastels don’t miss out any of the vibrant colours, they are usually the dull yet the water-toned colour when used in the invitations. It is unique in its own way and it’s extracted from the flowers of nature. It is inspired to stay sweet and simple with the light –hued colors of the wedding invites.


The year 2020 has marked the beginning of change. Some of the trending fashions have come to a halt and paved way for new trends to emerge. It has been found that particular designs and fashion trends across the globe in the field of Standard Invites (Readymade Invites). Some of these trends were to go hand in hand with the overall theme of the wedding. Let’s see some of the trending designs in the invitation industry and how they influence the people.

1.Floral theme:

Although a slightly older age, this theme has not lost it’s ground. Couples all over the world have admired and are still loving this kind of a theme. After all, flower is the symbol of romance and who doesn’t like flowers in this world. Soothing to the sight and the delight of the eye, this Floral theme ranks top among the popular trends in the wedding Industry.

2.Pastel theme:

Colourful pastel shades capturing the chambers of the heart have always been sought for. The Pastel Shades are one of the trending themes of the year 2020. These themes go well with the overall colours of wedding and the couples select pastel shades depending upon their choice of mind.

3.Laser Cut:

Bound by the artistic cut, carved with the designs created by the sprouting laser beam from the Laser cut machine, these are one of the types of designs that are showing a constant rise in demand. Mostly based on the western designs, these laser cut cards are doing well for the Christian and Western wedding Invites. Even in other countries including India, these laser cut designs are being loved for their simplicity and beauty. A design of the urban youth, Laser cut design has found its place in the industry of wedding Invites.

4.Devotional themes:

Although the new era fashioned invites are trending throughout the wedding industry, there are certain invites which have the picture of the religious symbols, gods and goddesses that are being demanded for. If we take India, the largest demand goes for the Ganesha among the Hindus; Invites with Islamic Symbols among the Muslims; and Invites with Christian symbols for the Christians.


There are people who love their Invitation cards to convey some philosophical ideas. For example there is a theme called ‘The tree of Life’ which conveys the philosophy behind the tree of life which is intrinsic to many religions across the globe.

These are some of the popular trends in the world of Standard Invites trending across the globe for the year 2020.


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