We used to wonder, what would be the reason for the thamboolam that is given out in the thamboolam bags in our weddings. The original thamboolam bags had the betel leaves, areca nuts, plantains and probably a coconut. Thamboolam essentially means the betel leaves that we eat after a meal, along with the slaked lime that is spread and chewed along with areca nuts that is supposed to digest the heavy meals at the wedding.

As a ritual, it is still followed all over, with the passage of time changing the contents of the thamboolam bag.

Traditionally, these tamboolam bags contained betel leaves, areca nuts, one or more type of fruits and a coconut. With things becoming expensive, a few items disappeared over time. While on the other hand, people have also started using the thamboolam bag for giving away  return gifts as a token of love and appreciation for their guests. Originally, the tamboolam bags used to be printed with the names of the bride and the groom, but nowadays, especially the return gift bag is left plain and simple, with probably only a few words of appreciation and the thank you note.

The thamboolam bags are available in various forms; traditional cotton thamboolam bags, cotton woven thamboolam bags, while the all time favourite jute thamboolam bags. These thamboolam bags are not just for the weddings, but for all functions that happen in the family, be it grihapravesam, engagement, seemandham, sashtipoorthi, sadabishekam and so on, the budget for the thamboolam bag is determined by the money value of the festivities.

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The thamboolam bags are not just considered as a one time use and discard material anymore. People want their guests to keep their thamboolam bags forever and preserve it. To this effect, they want them to be artistic and creative, which will ensure their longevity with the guests. With this thought in mind, we have created a unique range of thamboolam bags in various price ranges for you to pick and choose.

Since, the thamboolam bag a must have at most Indian functions, there is a need for this in almost all Indian festivities.

The thamboolam bag is thus called since it contains the betel leaf which is consumed after meals, especially on occasions our guests have had their fill and need to consume a little digestive juice to help with the digestion of the heavy meal from the function. If you want to know what the thamboolam is, it is the combination of the betel leaf, areca nuts, a hint of lime (chunnam) and other extras such as cardamom, some kind of a sweet sauce and so on.

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