Who doesn’t like history? We all love history. And, what better way to celebrate history than to have a scroll invitation for your wedding! The scroll itself is fancy idea; whoever thought about it first. The opening of the box, taking the scroll out, untying the knot and slowly… revealing the contents. Wow, wasn’t that dramatic!

Scrolls have been in use in the Indian and South Indian weddings for as long as we know. They come in different shapes and models and are made out of different material too.

Some of these are cards disguised as scrolls. The scroll type wedding invitations are suitable for all your occasions such as engagement, wedding reception, anniversary, house-warming of your new flat, inauguration of your new shop or venue and so on

These scroll come in sizes of approximately 10cm x 20cm and weigh about 20 gms; though the size and weight of your scroll may vary.

Traditional scroll type wedding invitations belong to the old custom of the traditional hand printed invitations. These scroll wedding invitations are suitable for people of all communities and are suitable irrespective of your religion.

If your schedule of the events is longer, we can even print on both sides of the scroll. Your scroll could be made of thin cloth, flexible thin paper board, silk, muslin and a variety of material.

Whether you require a mini scroll, scroll with boxes or envelopes, premium scroll invitations for your wedding, we have it. In fact, we are one of the few all in one wedding stuff showrooms in Chennai.

Traditionally, sharing a scroll invite gives you that exotic and royal feeling, as they were only generally used by the Kings of the past in their communication. We have a set of standard templates for you to choose from, which can then be customized to your liking. There are a stand set of images too, which you can choose from for your scroll wedding invitation. We are Anantmaya and our showroom is located at RK Mutt road. Please visit anytime; not only for scroll wedding invitations, but for various other paraphernalia; Anantmaya is one of the premier complete wedding services one stop showrooms in Chennai.

Our scroll invitations are available in mini size, standard size and large size. Do you want the elegant gold foiling in your invitation? Or do you want wedding text with embossed text? Or a foil print with hologram? Do you want a white invitation or a colourful one with a floral finish? Antique finish or creative hand-made scroll invitations with aged look and finish?

What kind of scroll rods do you prefer? Wooden, plastic, metal are all available. Even the string is customizable; the traditional golden thread or the silk or thick nylon; your preferences are taken into full account. These scroll wedding invitations come up in various rates too, for your convenience. These are by default fall on the expensive side. But, choose one to your liking and we will provide you the best price for your scroll wedding invitations in Chennai.

We have a dedicated set of designers for you to further enhance the invitation with your and our creative thoughts to come up with an outstanding invitation, with may be some fancy fonts and designs that we can use to embolden the product as we take it from raw to perfect. Come over and check our collection at our showroom anytime between 11am-9pm. An appointment would help us serve you better.