No wedding is complete without a return gift. Return gift is a beautiful way to ensure your celebration’s memories remain forever in the minds of the people.  

Make your guests feel overwhelmed with elegant and artistic handicrafts with your token of love and let everyone remember your wedding return gifts along with your beautiful memories.

Types of Return Gifts

Return gifts can be Ceremonial, functional, religious, fancy, personalised, valuable and can be edible too.

1.Ceremonial Return Gifts

a) Return Gifts for Haldi Ceremonies

Return Gifts for Haldi function is a perfect place to show respect and love to the guests.  Return gifts or shagun in the form sweet boxes, small handicraft items, chocolate goodies etc., can be gifted to the guests.  Choices of the Return gift for the haldi ceremony depend not only on the budget but the closeness of the person in terms of their right relationship with the bride or groom’s families.

The bright tapestry – yellow is the ideal well-guarded traditional colour to be chosen for this function. You can use the yellow wrappers to cover your gifts.  Yellow floral ornaments, yellow dresses, sweets etc., can be added in this list of gift items too. 

b) Return Gifts for Mehendi Functions

Mehndi is a symbolic way of fiercely guarding one’s traditional treasures and is a proud example of the people’s firm belief.  The designs come from the history and heart of the specific people telling their stories evocatively in the most artistic way.   

Mehendi function is an integral part of Hindu and Muslim wedding of the Indian subcontinent.

Return gifts for mehndi is a gesture to show your love and thankfulness to the female guests for having come to the wedding. There are various types of return gifts that are given during the Mehendi function. These are like Sweetboxes, Chocolates, Fancy Jewelleries, Small Makeup kits, etc. The choice is yours. The gifts are kept in beautiful bags and boxes and are then distributed to the guests.

2. Functional / Utility Gifts

If you’re not sure what to opt for, utility gifts could be the perfect one-fix solution. Ranging from little functional items such as bottle openers to more extravagant options like clocks and tray sets, these gifts come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours.  

As such, they’re fantastic in their durability, in addition to being useful. If you’re on a budget, look no further than these gifts; people appreciate a nice, little practical crockery set. Tiny perfume bottles are also a wonderful utility gift. A mini-toiletry bag would be just perfect.

3. Religious Gifts

Religious elements as return gifts will be a blessing of devotion. What to give as a religious return gift differs for each community. These gifts may be small pocket religious books, sacred symbols, miniature religious idols, etc. As far as Indian weddings are concerned the religious gifts mainly falls under three categories. a) Hindu return gift, b)Muslim return gift and c) Christian return gift d) Other faiths.

a.Hindu Return Gifts:

Miniature religious idols are frequently sought out as return gifts for their auspicious nature.  From gorgeously-designed idols of Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna & Radha to other such spiritual ideas, a return gift can be a show of love and care; an acknowledgement of heaven’s blessings. Apart from the miniature idols, there are many other products like the Kumkum container, Brass Diyas(lamps), etc., that come under this category.

 b.Muslim return gifts: 

Wedding is sacred ceremony is Islam.Islam says-honoring the guests is tied to the faith of a true believer. So, how to honor the guests who come to the wedding. In muslim weddings the return gifts given to the guests varies depending on the region and ethnic background. Some of the Muslim return gifts are traditional muslim sweet boxes, pocket holy scriptures, religious show pieces like Holy Kaaba miniatures, Kaaba door miniature, Gods name engraved on stones and much more. Some Muslim return gifts are general like non religious floral showpieces, small storage boxes, etc.,

c.Christian return gifts:

 Christians believe that marriage is a gift from God. Marriage is the public declaration of love and commitment. The marriage which is done in the church is graced by the friends, relatives and guests around. How about thanking them for their grace with love? The return gifts in Christian weddings are once again influenced by the region and ethnic background. However, broadly speaking Christian return gifts include a small replica of Infant Jesus, Virgin Mary, St. Joseph or any other saints, Holy family, magnetic Bible verses, devotional songs CDs etc. 

4. Fancy Gifts:

Fancy gifts are ornamental and decorative showstoppers guaranteed to leave your guests smiling. There’s a whole lot to choose from.

A variety of designs and types, and numerous colours to pick from.  You can even easily realise a gift since they can be made to order. Have fun exploring practically thousands of ideas—there’s nothing quite like the feeling of gifting something personal and close to your heart. Ideas are many, right from fancy adorable show pieces to handcrafted fancy clay jewellery, the list goes on. The 

5. Edible Gifts:

An edible return gift can take the traditional shape of chocolates, spices, and dry fruits while more quirky options like cakes and honey are also being embraced by brides and grooms all over.  These tasty bites are wonderful gifting options when paired with ornamental jars/bottles/containers. Not only do they leave an immediate impact, but their shelf life ensures your guests will fondly remember your special day every time they indulge themselves.

Mix things up with some chai and coffee ideas. If you’re feeling really generous, consider miniature alcohol sets: wines, vodkas, whatever you fancy.  Who doesn’t love some high spirits?

Remember, it’s all in the presentation, so carve out the identity you want to match your edibles with and go crazy with your designs. The more eye-catching, the better.

6. Valuable Gifts:

Why not surprise your guests with premium gift boxes. Pure silver, white metal, and gold-plated boxes ramp up the excitement and add that distinctive bit to your gifts making the wedding memorable forever.


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