Q. Which colour will be trending in 2020?

A. I have started seeing a lot of my clients are getting more adventurous, they are going for a completely clean with airy color palette, such as white and off-white.

Q. In a digital age, will physical invitations be still relevant?

A. Yes, definitely. Nothing replaces physical invitation cards, the experience of seeing how printing techniques and material textures come together can not be replicated digitally.

Q. What are the eco-friendly trends & options that we will see this year?

A. I have seen some people have creatively recycled torn jeans material as a tag, raffia strings as embellishments.

Q. Outside of Paper, what material are we going to see more? Acrylic or Wood or Leather or Velvet or any other?

A. I have received quite a number of requests to design and print on Acrylic. Wood sheets have slowly emerged and become an alternative to normal papers as well.

Q. How important is Font, style & lettering in adding aesthetics?

A. Font/ lettering is one of the crucial elements in the design that sets the tone and mood for the overall design. If used correctly and creatively, the font on its own can be the design itself. Usually, Good designers are able to decide on the right fonts and style on behalf of the clients.

Q. A key trend for 2020? Are invites going to become more classic or grander or fancy?

A. I never think this is a trend, I personally believe that this is still a personal preference, but I can tell that a lot of clients are not afraid of getting more experimental, out of the box yet formal is the keyword.

Q. What is going to change in the World of Wedding Invitations in a post covid19 era?

A. I personally believe that the industry will take some a while to recuperate from the epidemic, but i believe clients will definitely spend more to celebrate as the epidemic ends.

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