Q. Which colour will be trending in 2020?

A. We’ve been getting a lot of bright, warm colors this year like Corals, Yellows, and Oranges!


Q. In a digital age, will physical invitations be still relevant?

A. I think so! It’s been proven that we retain information better when it’s physically in front of us instead of digital, so I think that functionally, invitations still serve a better purpose than email invites. Plus, older folks aren’t 100% comfortable with the internet yet still! Also, wedding invitations are the one thing that sets the tone for your wedding before anyone actually arrives, so it’s still going to be valuable to send physical pieces as they feel more luxurious, and offer a more exciting experience for your guests.


Q. What are the eco-friendly trends & options that we will see this year?

A. I have a whole blog post about being more eco-friendly with your wedding invitations! I think with Covid-19, people will be moving toward more intimate, smaller, and more personalized weddings. There have been a lot of different pieces of information going out since a lot of clients have had to reschedule, so I think that people will stay a little closer to home, and will rely on online RSVPs even after sending a physical invitation, just since there is that possibility of change/postponement.


Q. Acrylic or Wood or Leather or Velvet or any other?

A. I personally hope we don’t see acrylic as much, since it’s tough to mail, fragile, and honestly not great for the environment! I hope we see more natural materials – leather, yes, but also cotton and fabric materials. I’ve seen a lot of cane paper and vintage-inspired materials lately as well. Velvet had a year in 2019 and probably will be around for a while as well.Q. Outside of Paper, what material are we going to see more?


Q. How important is Font, style & lettering in adding aesthetics?

A. Oh wow, you’re asking a calligrapher here so I am a huge believer in the power of Type! I have attached a screenshot of the same piece where all I’ve done is change the fonts on the names – and all to fairly similar script fonts. Yet you can see how different vibe is between each of the three pieces, and imagine what type of wedding each one represents, from girly and sweet to organic and romantic to little more playful and modern.


Q. A key trend for 2020? Are invites going to become more classic or grander or fancy?

A. The biggest thing I’ve seen is that couples are breaking with tradition. Fun wording, unique events (a “Chic Pajama Brunch” the day after the wedding was a recent one I saw!), and definitely going a little more colorful have been really popular. So while I don’t think they’re necessarily going “grander” or “more fancy” they’re doing things that truly represent them as a couple and aren’t so focused on their parents or those classic wedding traditions we’re used to!

Q. Will floral continue to hold sway?

A. Oh yes! Florals are so powerful on the wedding day. People may cut back a little if there’s a lasting recession, but where I think they’ll cut back is in the size of the event. In our digital world, people aren’t necessarily as close to quite as many people, and especially with social distancing practices in place, weddings are going to follow suit. That close group that you’re most comfortable with will become closer, and weddings will likely reflect that. But with the bold colors I’m seeing, flowers are definitely a big part of the overall aesthetic still.


Q. What is going to change in the World of Wedding Invitations in a post covid19 era?

A. I would like to say not a lot. My clients are still valuing their invites – even those who have to reprint with new dates still want their embellishments and extra details since it’s now even longer before the guests will see the hard work they’ve put into planning the event itself! As the first connection to the wedding, invitations still hold a valuable place in the event, and communicating with your guests about the event is arguably more important now than ever. As mentioned above, I believe the size of the event will change in a Post-Covid area, but the benefit of smaller weddings is that things like invitations and stationery can be more personalized for each guest! I love seeing personal touches like handwritten notes or customized gifts for each guest – these things are simply not possible if you have 150+ guests, but are less cost and time prohibitive in a wedding with 40 guests.

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