Q. Which colour will be trending in 2020?

A. While nude and almond shades have remained popular in 2020, there has been a strong shift towards a muted colour pallet in invitations and envelopes. White and ivory invitations have been paired with blush, terracotta, sage green, dusty blue, lilac and grey just to name a few. These colours are then printed on the invitations to match.


Q. In a digital age, will physical invitations be still relevant?

A. Time and budget allowing, I believe physical invitations will always be relevant. I have designed many ‘digital’ invitations but all those couples have ordered a small amount of printed copies to have as keepsakes and to send to close family members. There is just something so special about receiving a letter in the mail, and a wedding is one of the most important and exciting announcements a couple can make.


Q. What are the eco-friendly trends & options that we will see this year?

A. There have been some exciting developments in the paper world. In the past we were excited to see paper that was not only 100% recycled, but bright, smooth and without imperfections. For a more raw and natural look, ethically-made, hand-made cotton stocks have been popular too. This year we have seen paper and card made of hemp and grass. Other options are cards with seeds embedded in the paper, so when you no longer need the invitation, you can plant it in your garden and watch it grow!


Q. Outside of Paper, what material are we going to see more? Acrylic or Wood or Leather or Velvet or any other?

A. As couples become more eco-conscious, I have seen a shift away from acrylics and thick, plastic materials. I’ve seen more experimentation with papers, finishes and presentation. For example, vellum and translucent papers printed with white ink and foil, personalised wax seals for the envelopes, unusual die cut shapes for the invitations and ethically created, hand dyed ribbons to bundle the suite together. For on-day stationery, I have seen linen printed menus evolve as printers begin to experiment more with this fabric. I am looking forward to working with this material more for weddings being held next year.


Q. How important is Font, style & lettering in adding aesthetics?

A. To me, it’s everything! You could have the most exceptional print quality and exciting finish but if the lettering and style isn’t spot on the impact could fall flat. This works both ways though; you don’t need a high budget to have an appealing, aesthetic invitation suite. You could have a more cost-effective print option, but if the design is well-balanced and thoughtful the invitations will be striking and beautiful.


Q. A key trend for 2020? Are invites going to become more classic or grander or fancy?

A. I have seen a more minimalist style emerging in wedding invitations. Regardless, I love to see my couples personality shine through on their stationery. Some want to stick to what’s ‘on-trend’ but I’ve always said to them, just let your invitations reflect yourselves, despite the trends. This normally results in a blend of both; a minimal, aesthetic design with a loud and grand envelope liner, or a simple invitation front with the back printed in a vivid, bright colour. Another compliment to a classic, minimal invitation is the introduction of a couple logo; this could be illustrated animals, name initials or just symbols special to the couple. This motif is then repeated through the invitation suite, on-day stationery and thank you cards.


Q. Will floral continue to hold sway?

A. For the romantics, florals will always have a special place with wedding invitations. What we are starting to see is a more artistic representation of floral elements. Couples favourite flowers are being transformed into unique, simplified line drawings which are then carried across to the on-day stationery. When these illustrations are drawn with a consistent line weight, they create the perfect logomark which transfer wonderfully to foil, embossing and letterpress. These look so striking on a wax seal.


Q. What is going to change in the World of Wedding Invitations in a post covid19 era?

A. We hope to see restrictions lifted with how we can celebrate soon. Currently in Australia, only 10 people can attend a wedding including the celebrant. Once these restrictions are lifted, there may always be guidelines that need to be followed like how many guests are allowed in one area, how spaced out the chairs at a reception need to be etc. For this reason, guest numbers may not be as high as in the past; this may mean there is more budget for other areas like florals, stying and invitations.

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