Somebody is looking for a ring ceremony tray, which could be handmade and made out of eco friendly material.

It is also nice to look at creating a feeling of newness, freshness, because you know when we talk about engagements, they are the second most important celebrations in a person’s life.

They are probably the first celebration where they are the focus of attention, before the wedding happens.

Now, the engagement ring is a very important element in the celebrations, so it becomes mandatory that the rings that are used for the ceremony, are treated with the respect that they deserve.

So, the tray that holds the rings automatically gains importance. These trays that hold rings can be of different material and can be designed and decorated in various forms, based on people’s taste and budget, which is the amount of money that one is willing to spend on this.

The designs differ and so do the material that they are made up of. Metals, semi precious metals are used. Brass, silver and gold plated trays are also possible. Brass is popular and acrylic is the material that is in vogue recently. And then you have wooden trays, wooden trays with perforations. And, of course velvet cloth is our favorite material for the design. Sponges are used for that soft effect.

We also have find ring ceremony trays fold inside, in shape of boxes so that they can be used safely.

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