This again, is a beauty of a ring platter for you to feast your eyes with. We do not sell anything that we don’t fall in love with. And, we are head over heels in love with this darling of an engagement ring platter.

Aesthetically, red and yellow are a regal combination. One look at this exquisite beauty is enough to get magnetized by it. This sparsely decorated engagement ring platter relies on the best colour combination empowered by elegant and eloquent choice of magnifiers to catch the attention of the beholder.

This drop-dead beautiful ring platter is round and features a bright red velvet base with golden beads adorning the circumference. The elevated base has a beautiful yellow silk border with frills to engage attention. The tiny red boxes for the rings are also enhanced by soft red velvet for its premium feel. The flowers that are scattered in order around also add value to the picture.

The premium rubber wood finish for the gateway pillars with golden peacock feathers and the couples’ name plate hanging from the centre completes the picture. This is one of the best engagement ring platters that we have done till date.

We hope you like it too. Do let us know if you like it. That will encourage us to make more such interesting engagement ring tray decorations for your happiness. In a wedding or engagement, or any event for that matter, even the smallest element matters.

This is the reason that we pay much importance to these decorative ring platters and try to come up with new designs for ring platters, as much as possible, with as many variations that are possible.

We hope that you love our collection of engagement ring platters, which are usually available for purchase rightaway. If any of the models aren’t available readily, we can make them for you at short notice.

Do let us know if you like to create any new customized ring platters in any designs that you might want. We could make them for you. All our engagement or wedding ring platters are available at our Anantmaya website. You may order online, or if you are in and around Chennai, we invite you to visit our showroom at RK Mutt road, Mandaveli, to have a look at our one stop wedding accessories and ancillaries collection.

Our showroom is one of the largest in Chennai and has all the premium collection for you to browse through and decide.

We ship all our products worldwide and this includes this attractive engagement ring platter too. This beautiful regal looking ring ceremony platter designed and decorated with a king in mind is definitely a vibrant selection for your engagement.