Potli bags are an indispensable accessory when it comes to Indian weddings. And for variety, there is none to match. This is as much appreciated by your guests from overseas as the guests from inside the country. The colourful, snazzy, vintage to contemporary collections are a treat to carry along and are most of the time a wonderful souvenir to keep.

 So, what are our options or the potli bags here in Chennai? It depends on your choice of colours, cloth material, the model, the size and the shape of the potli bag in your visualization. For those elite requirements, there are handmade potli bags with premium embellishments like zardozi embroidery that draw your attention.

 To begin with, there are a variety of colours for your potli bag like green, red, sandal, indigo, magenta, gold, pink and so on. They can be made of pure and soft velvet cloth, with or without interior pockets with drawstring that could be used for opening and closing.

 Your choice could also be a regular potli bag that is made out of the regular cloth, but still available in the colours of your choice.

 Reach for our sumptuous velvet potli bag instead. With plenty of room for essentials, this drawstring bag features zardozi embroidery on luscious velvet and comes in rich hues like black, emerald and red.

 Are you a silk fan? Then you have the traditional silk potli bags that can grab the full attention of your guests. These are usually embroidered in various floral patterns and could be offered as a favourite return gift to your guests.

 Ask for our potli bag made out of pure raw silk and embroidery to boot, you have the best potli bag in town.

 Our potli bags also come at affordable prices. If your celebration is small and your guests lean, you can opt for the cheap options in our potli bag collection. Did you know you can also opt for our bamboo box potli, a unique and lovely choice for your most preferred guests.

 With the emphasis now being on eco friendly everything, the focus has shifted on to jute. And do we have a collection. You bet we do.

 What else do we have? Floral embroidery using threads, with lace border make a good impression. We visualize your thought and likes and dislikes and the result is the unlimited varieties of potli bags in our collection.

 Do you like mangoes? Mango design is one of the favourites with the guests. Your potli bag may have been made with satin or silk or jute or tissue material, but the mango embriodery takes it to the next level. The embriodery too comes in many designs and colours.

 For the creme de la creme, you have the golden zari or jarigai border that ensures instant attention to you the holder of the potli bag.

 There are potli bags with a variety of handles too, made out of cloth, silk, velvet, beads, pearls or a choice of handles with chamki and embedded with semi precious stones; just what you need.

 Did you hear about the tissue bag with a solid inner bag with golden drawstrings, golden zari and lace border? Did you also hear about the designer potli bag with unique peacock feather patterns printed in the centre, with gold frills and pearl handles? We have these and more.

 We even have an organza potli bag with sequins all around, the silk and lace floral bag with a long string for that in the vogue look.

 Velvet potli bag with golden dots and lace borders with flowers made out of zari completing the picture. Then there are silk bags, bags made out of raw silk with golden florals embroidered and beads for handles, potli string bag made out of gold satin with richly embroidered borders. At Anantmaya, variety is the norm.

 Potli bags come in a variety of colours as discussed. In addition, they do come in different shapes, such as circular, rounded ball shaped, cylindrical, square, rectangular and also in some non-standard shapes too.

 The mouths and the base also may be different, while the mouth can be flat or crinkled, the base could be flat or round. The potli bags for your wedding in Chennai can have thread handle, pearl handle, bead handle, string handle, without handle, long handle, cloth handle, you name it.

 We ourselves are overwhelmed at the possible combinations this means for you. If you are budget conscious, chose the small potli bag in place of the medium or large potli bag from the collection.

 For the enhancement of the look and feel of the bag, we have the following choices to appeal to you; sequined, plain, zari, jarigai, embroidered, lace decorated, golden dots, mango lace and more are your options.

 Printed silk potli bags with a variety of pictures that can be printed on the bags are a unique offering. It could be your picture or the picture of your favourite religious picture or an emblem of your choice.

 These potli bags with zip closure, magnetic closure or drawstring closure are not a new trend. We have all seen our grandmothers use these tiny drawstring bags to keep their cash among other things

 Your potli bag for whatever occasion in your family, made of jute or velvet, are a reminder of our centuries old systems and customs. You might be surprised that these supposedly non-descriptive return gift bags have been mentioned in the age old relics such as the Mahabharata and the Ramayana.

 To learn that those tiny satchels have transformed into a unique product that stands on its own is a success to our enterprise. Please come over to our showroom and get yourself a potli bag; if not for your occasion, then for your personalisation.

 Our potli bags, available in a variety of price brackets are available in multiples of 25, with the minimum order quantity being 50. Please visit our showroom at your convenience. We promise your complete satisfaction.