The date is set, the venue has been confirmed, you’ve started with the wedding shopping and everything has been decided. But have you started looking for your perfect wedding invitation yet?  A lot of times, couples defer this till the last minute, which can be difficult since printing and sending them out needs enough time and planning. So, whether you’re really picky about the colour palette and theme or not remember make sure you allocate a good amount of time for your wedding invitation, which preferably should be at the top of your wedding to-do-list.

Last minute scrambling and making do with what’s available is never a good idea, after all your wedding invitation is the first glimpse that your guests get of your impending nuptials. So, if you’re wondering how to choose the right wedding invitation and what are the best colours, themes and inserts that should go with it, here’s our list of things to consider before you decide on the final design.

Your Wedding Style

Classic, modern, traditional, fun, relaxed or lavish — your wedding could be any of this and presumably you would have chosen the venue to reflect this. So, when you start shopping for your wedding invite keep this in mind to ensure that you carry forward this sentiment in the paper, font, colours, style and the wedding invitation design that you choose.


To ensure that your complete wedding stationery looks cohesive, incorporate your wedding colours throughout everything you print. You can also go the whole way and match it even the wedding décor and your clothes. Just make sure you discuss with your wedding invitation design team to create a wedding card that carries the colours consistently without going overboard.

Shape and Size

While rectangular wedding cards are traditional and standard, you can also experiment with shapes and sizes to personalise your wedding invitation. From circles to squares, scalloped to boxed wedding invitations, there’s a lot you can choose from nowadays. Do keep in mind how you plan to send your invitation and what type of inserts you would like to add. From edibles to small gifts you can add just about anything if you choose a boxed wedding invitation card. Based on your budget and the time you have in hand, decide on the appropriate shape, because if you plan on having edible inserts they are bound to have a shelf-life and you will have to plan the distribution accordingly.


This is something you need to plan way ahead. The cost of wedding cards will vary based on paper, printing, custom inserts, number of cards to be printed, custom design, quality and many other things. If you are planning on sending out boxed wedding invitations then you need to look at the knick-knacks you plan to send with it, which could be anything from edibles to small souvenirs. So, ask questions and request your wedding card designer in Chennai to show you options based on your budget and preferences.

Decide Your Guestlist

You don’t want everyone at your wedding, but if you’re one of those couples who would like to chase down every acquaintance and ask them to take part in your celebrations, then make a list of the people you know and would want to invite. After all, costs will vary when you have more people, and printing and stationery rates could be different for every thousand cards you print. So, making a guest list should be one of the first things you do — even before you fix an appointment with the best wedding invitation card designer in Chennai.