A Wedding Hamper  may contain edibles, products of utility or  a mixture of both,etc.,  Hampers are influenced to a great extent by the community, religion, race and style of the bride and the groom.  

Types of Wedding Hampers

Wedding Hampers are basically divided into two types.


1.Wedding Hampers to the Bride and Groom.

This type of Hamper is usually given to the Bride and Groom.  Usually utilities are packed in well decorated baskets or plates and are given to the bride and groom.   The contents of the Hamper usually differs from place to place but usually contains the utilities of the bride and groom.  In a typical traditional wedding, this Hamper usually contains a saree, makeup kit, comb, flower, betel leaves, betel nuts for the bride.  The same for the groom will be replaced with products and clothing used by men. 

The wedding Hamper for the bride may be divided into a lot of varieties depending on the trend and culture.  Let’s look at a few of them.

a. Beauty care Hamper

The beauty care hamper is one of the most gifted hampers.  Almost in every wedding a Hamper without beauty products will not be missing.  This Hamper consists of a variety of products used for Makeup like Primer, Concealer, Foundation cream, Eye shadow, Maskara, Eye liner, Lip Liner, Lip Gloss, Lip Stick, Nail Polish, Brush Set, etc.,  Some prefer to use skin care products and body care products in the Hamper.  This type of Hamper is the most common among the Hampers given to the bride.  To tell in short it is a collection of all the products used for makeup and body care.  Once again this type of Hampers have a lot of variations too. 

b. Skin care products

Gifting the person you love with a Hamper loaded with skincare products from the brand she loves would make her love you even more.  What more can one tell about this which is nothing but a union of two minds.  An opportunity to prove that you have understood her mind will be more clear when you have gifted her a hamper of the products she loves.  A skin care hamper typically consists of Moisturizer, Sunscreen, Body lotion, Hand Cream, Face Cream, Foot cream, Anti aging cream, Lip Balm, Skin toner,Scrubs etc.,

c. Munchies Hamper

You might be wondering what this Hamper is all about.  Isn’t the name so quirky? Although the name may sound strange, this Hamper is what it is called.  Who might not like to munch some chocos and nuts?  You might like the idea of gifting a hamper, to your lady, loaded with chocolates and truffles, a dozen muffins scattered all over, and some wonderful toffis as a token of attraction.  This is just awesome as it sounds. Remember! Your lady would not like anything more than this. This Hamper is loaded with the flavours of your choice.  A dozen muffins, some Ferrero for the golden delight, brightly wrapped home made chocolates, some handy candy bars will make this Hamper a true delight.

Adding some fruits like oranges and strawberries will add to the beauty.  A bottle of french white wine may be left to your choice.

d. Divine Wedding Hamper

This is the Hamper that goes along with the blessings of God.  A truly divinely inspired for your lady’s staunch love for divinity.  The idea is one but the products may vary.  A lovely idea that goes well for all communities. Hindu, Muslim or Christian, the hamper is one, just the elements changed.     

e. Floral Hamper

Flower is the symbol of romance.  Flower is the expression of love. Who will not like flowers on their first night of wedding?  It will just bind you with her with a lovely bond.  This Hamper is just your idea and choice. You can choose any type of flower.  A flower with a longer shelf life is a nice idea too.

2. Hampers to the Guest(destination weddings)

We had given a bunch of new ideas about Hampers for the bride and here comes another crucial thing about the Hampers for the guests coming for the wedding.  Hampers to the guests are basically of two types.

a.Welcome Hampers for the guests in the room

We need to keep Hampers for our guests in the rooms they are staying in.  This Hamper will include a schedule card containing the programme details of the wedding and their timings.  A bunch of snacks, chocolates and some Alcohol miniatures (just a choice).  A first aid kit and a hangover pill is a must to be included in the list of the Hamper.  In case if the wedding is a beach wedding then a clean towel and a first aid kit is a must on the list.  A do not disturb card to be hung on the doors of the rooms where the guests are staying is also a part of the list.  Last but a very important thing is ‘the thank you note’ thanking all the guests for coming to the wedding ceremony.

b.Beach Hamper

Sticking to a colour palette or a particular pattern in relevance to the beach wedding having packaging aspects keeps a welcome box cohesive. This side of the wedding is the coolest side of the destination weddings having a take – away goodies like the sunglasses, the towels or the napkins with the logos of the couples and cocktail kits does the complete justice.

c.Golden Swing

There is a custom in the west to load a metal wedding hamper basket with things that are gold or white. Things in the hamper may include a gold coloured water bottle, kettle corn, a scented candle and some goodies. Adding to the goodies a bottle of liquor and a menu card of food list will keep the guests feel at the right place.

d.Decor picnic Hamper

This is an Ideal Hamper for all destination weddings. The Hamper is packed with fruits, chocolates and other eatables. A bottle of liquor or wine is an added choice. This is a unique hamper making the destination wedding look joyful like a picnic.

e.Tour itinerary Hamper

This is for those who love touring the surroundings of the place where the destination wedding is held. This hamper is loaded with the details about the destination spot and a guide about the tourist places around the spot. A map usually accompanies the kit as one of the main components of the Hamper.

3.Takeaway Hampers for the guests (General)

These are the Hampers which contain things for the guests to take away with them while leaving.  There are a lot of options for takeaway Hampers. This Hamper usually includes any of the following items or all of the items:

  • Chocolates
  • Jams and other edibles.
  • Return gifts
  • Divine idols
  • Holy Books
  • Cakes and Muffins 
  • Photos taken at the wedding
  • Bottle of Wine
  • Cup cakes
  • Utilities for the kid
  • Thank you card.

A Thank you card is a must in the Guest Takeaway hamper

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