To keep our commitment to the environment and start a novel trend in the wedding return-gifts we have our line of Eco friendly wedding return gifts. to creative gifts that not only lookout on a creative edge but also inspire a whole lot of people with creative wedding return gifts ideas that everyone will remember for many more years! these gifts need not necessarily be expensive but they certainly are exclusive there can be any occasion that can be converted into an eco-friendly event by taking just a few thoughtful steps!
 Eco friendly gifts ranging from plantable seed pens, jute bags, thamboolam bags, live plants, seedlings, green paper, recycled paper, handmade paper, jute gifts, pottery, leaf baskets, palm handicrafts and grass wicker baskets we have an entire line dedicated to eco-friendly gifts.
our line of eco- friendly products are innovated in a way to inspire style and elegance while keeping up with the commitment of going green for the wedding!
plantable seed pens and sampling gifts are one of the most popular choices that go into our eco friendly organic dyed jute bags and paper bags. the leaf baskets and palm containers can be used for storage of vegetables and other perishables to improve their shelf life which make these a utility based gift as well.
Eco friendly gifts include clay pottery line, terracotta pots and clay objects as return gifts which could in turn be used as a plantar or any other utility purpose.
grass wicker baskets to shop would never go out of trend and keep up with the theme of Eco friendly gifts, following prada and fendi their has been a surge in the wicker bag use and to catch up with the trend we offer you a whole selection of wicker bags and gifts to keep your wedding trendy and elegant.